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Eyeshadow palettes are better than ever with high-performing shades, combinations of shimmery finishes and matte basics, and even an inclusion of creams! These are a few palettes I have and love. Read why I like them in the caption below each photo.

I believe this Too Faced Natural Eyes palette is the oldest of the bunch. It’s one of those palettes I just cannot get rid of. I love the soft browns and the darker shades for the times I’m doing a more dramatic eye look. “Cashmere bunny” and “Strip poker” are my favorite shades from this palette.

Another Too Faced palette I like is the Born This Way Natural Nudes palette. This has more shimmer options but still includes some great basic matte shades. ‘Nude” and “Cocoa” together on the eye make a beautiful natural look. “Glistening Snow” right on the center of your lid adds the prettiest pop!

Patrick Ta Major Dimension III palette is full of matte shades that are truly universally flattering. You’ve got a mix of warms and cools, and even two cream shades on the end for a base or eyeliner. The shades are pigmented and rich, and this palette is truly luxurious.

This Danessa Myricks Groundwork: Defining Neutrals palette is so unique. The formula is like a velvety cream that can be used on the eyes, brows, or anywhere else you are adding definition. The lighter neutral shades are my preference, on this palette.

Patrick Ta Major Dimensions is a beautiful palette. The 50/50 mix of shimmers and mattes makes for a lot of options, and it has the two cream shades on the end of the palette as well. These are a touch warm for my personal preference, but it’s still a beautiful palette!

Last but certainly not least is the Makeup By Mario Ethereal Eyes Palette. Of the group, this is my favorite at the moment. I love the matte shades, love the shimmer options, and find that the size of this palette is easy to work with. The color payoff is beautiful, and something about these shadows makes the eye look dimensional and eye-catching.

Do you have any of these palettes? They are all beautiful and offer different options based on what your eyeshadow preferences are, and I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of them.


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Kathryn says · 11.04.23

I just bought the two faced natural eyes pallet after years of knowing you loved it and I’m not at all disappointed! It’s really beautiful! Always thankful for your recommendations!!

Alison says · 11.04.23

I just bought Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes and have only used it once but I’m excited to work with it.

Beth says · 11.04.23

I have the Too Faced Natural Nudes which was my hands-down fave till I got the Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes palette. That one has the mattes and shimmers in seemingly perfect colors for my skin tone. Both go on so smoothly and I still return to the Too Faced one. I love options!

Rachel says · 11.04.23

I have the Too Faced Born This Way Natural Nudes palette and LOVE IT! I bought it for a steal during the holidays last year and planned to use it for a gift exchange but could not part with it after seeing how gorgeous the shades are.

Amber says · 11.04.23

I have the Too Face Natural eye palette and it’s pretty amazing! It was actually my first big splurge that I bought in an eye palette.
I have replaced it once and it’s still my
favorite!!! It does something magical for my blue eyes. I just bought the Makeup by Mario online with the Sephora sale and I can’t wait to try it. It sold out last year before I could buy it. Didn’t think he was bringing it back but, when I saw he did I had to get it!!!! It looks stunning. Amber

Lea Scherck says · 11.04.23

Ooo yes! Love all my Two Faced palettes!

I keep ending up with sparkles all over my face with the Mario Ethereal palette. Tips for how to use those sparkly shades??

sellersvi3@gmail.com says · 11.07.23

I am in love with two face born this way palette I have purchased two however the most recent purchase the palette broke. So guess what I’m to buy a third. It perfect for me .I am a Caramel skin beauty. I can use every single shade from day to night. This is one of best I have purchase. I don’t reach for the other palette like this one. I love the instructions book that allows me to understand how to apply the color because I am a beginner when it come to eyeshadow.i could talk about this all day. I will try the others but you can’t beat this one.

Leona says · 11.08.23

I have the Too Faced Natural Eyes as well as it’s matte version (I don’t grab for them too much lately due to having similar colors in other palettes etc.) but they are a decent formula and a breeze to do a simple look and walk out the door.
I passed on Born This Way due to it seeming like nothing but repetition and I had just restocked my MAC neutrals so I wasn’t craving ATM.. Patrick Ta makes some gorgeous palettes but if I see warm tones I get scared off lol, I love cool tones, taupes, grays, etc.. (Natasha Denonas Glam palette basically)
Now this Danessa Myricks I’ve been eyeing since it’s dropped a long with the Mario palette, and I think I’m going to finally commit and get those 2 instead of the Tom Ford and Pat McGrath ones…

You have a good eye! Love these choices..

Jennifer Turner says · 11.10.23

I love the colors how I can get this shades

Sue says · 11.16.23

Y’all Trendmood box has the Danessa Myricks pallet in there November box that is only $48 with lots of other goodies. I dont’ know if they sold out yet