2 Easy Denim Styles to Try This Fall

Dill Dip

I’m definitely the type of person who takes a minute to warm up to some trends, and there are some trends that I completely disregard altogether. I’d rather feel comfortable in my outfit than feel like I’m on the cutting edge of trends, you know?

I’ve added a few new denim styles into my wardrobe this fall that still feel like “me” but are very much on trend.

I like that the kick flare, when at the right inseam length for my leg length, still feels like a casual option. Any time that I could grab my perfect vintage style jeans from the closet, I can now also grab the kick flare or Demi boot and get the same type of look.

I really love the J.Crew Slim Demi Boot, and the Madewell Kick Flare. A similar style can be found here at Loft!

For a more straight fit, I love the Stovepipe style from Madewell. It’s a more narrow fit than the 90’s straight, for example, but doesn’t feel as snug as a skinny jean can feel. It’s easy to wear with flats, sneakers, or ankle boots. A similar style can be found here at Walmart! And these slim straight jeans from J.Crew look great too!

I’ll be sharing what kind of shoes I wear with these denim styles soon, follow along on Instagram to catch it first!

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Anita Robinson says · 09.29.23

Thanks for the info Kate. I enjoy your posts, stories, and blog. Although I’m in a different stage of life than you, your content is still relatable. Been following since you were “behind the chair.” Just fyi the Loft link above is taking me to the Madewell jeans. 😊