Denim Shorts for Curvy Girls

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Shorts can be hard, I get it. And they can feel especially hard if your thighs touch or you generally have a curvy butt/leg body type.

Nothing, NOTHING, is worse than living your life and having uncomfortable shorts riding up when you walk. It’s equivalent to a no-show sock falling down in your shoe. Everything may look fine from the outside, but inside you’re cringing at every step!

I live in a hot and humid climate, so denim shorts have to be 10/10 in order for me to wear them. Otherwise, I will choose a lightweight dress, athletic shorts, or anything linen to wear in place of bad denim shorts.

I did a bunch of shopping and found 7 pairs of denim shorts that I feel comfortable in and would recommend. You can watch the try-on on my Instagram or gather the quick stats right here on this post.

If you like a bit of distressing, that is easy to find with Abercombie denim. Some washes and styles from the brand can feel bulky in the fly area, but these mom shorts lay flat and feel great.

I’ve already worn these a handful of times and really love them. They have extra room in the thigh, so no issues with them riding up, and have a decent amount of stretch without bagging out.

These are the shortest but stretchiest of the bunch! They would be great to wear over a swimsuit for a casual outfit at the beach, but would also look great with a casual tank and sandals.

I love the longer length on these! I do not like a Bermuda short on me, so this is about as long as I like to go with denim shorts. These feel stiff/tight at first, but soften with wear. It’s one of those jean shorts that get better with age, which is good because the price point makes them a pair that I hope to have for years and years to come.

These are stretchy, high-waisted, with a longer inseam. Of the group, they are probably my least favorite BUT I like them for looser, blousy tops or with a crop top. You can also fold up the bottom to shorten the inseam.

These were a great find at Old Navy. I love the a-line cut, it kicks out at the thigh in a really flattering spot. I’ve found myself reaching for these more often than not if I’m wearing denim shorts.

Every other pair of denim is a raw hem, so it’s nice to have one roll cuff pair in the mix! A roll cuff can be a very flattering style on athletic legs, and I like that they have a clean, sophisticated look to them for any day I’m dressing up jean shorts a bit!

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Courtney says · 06.03.22

This is so helpful and I really appreciate the different price point options you provided! I bought a pair of jean shorts from Gap a couple years ago that I love so of course they don’t make them anymore. I’m going to try the Old Navy shorts.

Emily Wakefield says · 06.03.22

I have and LOVE this pair of Abercrombie shorts! So flattering, the cut on the leg is perfection, and they manage the ‘short’ length I prefer without ever riding up on my inner thighs!

Julie Barber says · 06.03.22

Hi! This was so very helpful…for years I wouldn’t wear shorts, now I say why not. Thank you for trying these on for us. Could you tell me which of these at any price point was your very fav?

Hilary says · 06.03.22

Thank you for this post!! So helpful getting a little more insight in all of the shorts options out there these days.

Heidi Bordner says · 06.03.22

Thank you for choosing Old Navy and Walmart options for your readers on a budget. I really appreciate that!

Laura b says · 06.06.22

Thank you for this post for us curvy girls. So helpful!

Christine Doiron says · 06.06.22

Thank you so much for all you share. I love watching your Instagram videos & I have taken a lot of your advice. I really appreciate what you do!!!
Thank you!!!

BTW – Are you in a Broyhill commercial? The girl looks just like you!!

Shannn says · 07.07.22

Thank you for doing this for us curvy girls. However, I still have trouble with some short riding up. Any ideas about how to avoid this without having to get rid of these shorts that I love?