White T-Shirt Contest: Which One Is The Best?

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Jeans and a white t-shirt are probably one of the most basic, easy outfits of all time. The jeans and tee themselves can be as simple as they come, but the accessories and styling give you all the creative freedom to create the look you want.

As someone who has coveted the “perfect white t-shirt” through the years, I thought it was time to round up and review 10 crew neck white t-shirts. For the most part, these are 100% cotton tees. They are crew neck, standard sleeve, and generally hit at a standard length. There are a few t-shirts in the bunch that have different characteristics or fabrics, but generally, those were the parts of the shirt that I tried to keep similar for comparison’s sake.

I ranged in price point from $12.00 all the way up to $80.00, and I was very curious to see which t-shirt ended up being my favorite!

If you’re interested in watching videos of the t-shirt try on, you can check out my Instagram Stories today!

I’ll share a few notes about each of the t-shirts below, and you can find my least favorite and a most favorite at the bottom of this post!

Let’s get into it! (p.s. I’m wearing a medium in all of these t-shirts)

One. J.Crew Factory Girlfriend Crewneck Tee // Comes in 9 colors // Size range: XXS – 3X // Cotton // Price: $24.50

This t-shirt is as straightforward as it gets, and I love that. I loved the circumference of the neck, the length of the tee, and the detail of the vertical seam running down the back. The fabric has a nice weight to it and wasn’t overly see-through!


Two. 100% Organic Cotton Vintage T-Shirt Gap // Comes in 16+ colors // Size range: XXS – XXL // Cotton // Price: $19.95

I really didn’t love the wide neck in this t-shirt. The length was nice, and the sleeve length was nice, but in general, I felt a little frumpy in it due to the larger than necessary neck hole! The fabric was noticeably soft, and probably the softest of the bunch.


Three. Madewell Whisper Cotton Rib-Crew Neck // Comes in 10 colors //  Size range: XXS-4X // Cotton // Price: $19.50

I love this white t-shirt because of the ribbed collar. It’s a tiny detail that makes the shirt feel unique. The arm seams are dropped on this t-shirt, and the hem is rounded. This specific tee has been washed multiple times (I pulled it out of my dresser!) so it has gotten a tiny bit smaller with washes. It is also shrinking up a tad bit unevenly. I like it, but the rounded hem can be hard to “style” beyond just wearing it out.


Four. Walmart Free Assembly Cuffed Pocket T-Shirt // Comes in 10 colors // Size range: XS – 3X // Cotton + recycled cotton // Price: $12.00

I loved the pocket and cuffed sleeve detail on this t-shirt. The price point is fantastic as well! I wish it was a brighter white. This specific one looked dingy compared to the other t-shirts hanging on my rack and almost read as cream-colored. It’s thin, has a relaxed albeit slightly boxy fit, but generally fits really well all around!


Five. Madewell Supima Cotton Essential Tee // Comes in 5 colors // Size range: XXS – 3X // Cotton // Price: $25.00

I’ve had this t-shirt for a long time and really love it. It’s a warmer white than some of the others that I’ve included in this roundup, but not quite as off-white as the Walmart t-shirt. It’s a good weight, not see-through, and is a relaxed fit. I have this tee in a dark, charcoal grey and wear both it and this white one very often.


Six. Z Supply Core Crew Tee // Comes in 2 colors // Size range: XS-XL // Cotton // Price: $42.00

This tee was the longest of the bunch. It felt thin and was a tad bit see-through. If you like to tuck in your shirts, this would be a really nice option because of its length!


Seven. Vince Essential Crew Tee  // Comes in 3 colors // Size range: XS- L // Pima Cotton // Price: $80.00

This felt very luxe but fit *very* small. It’s also see-through! Not my favorite and definitely not worth the price tag!


Eight. EveryWear Slub-Knit Tee for Women Old Navy // Comes in 2 colors / Size range: XS-4X // Cotton // Price: $8.00

This is like the *perfect* combination of the feel from the J.Crew Factory t-shirt and the rounded hem of the Madewell Whisper Cotton tee. I loved the fit of it! As usual, I think a little wash and dry would help the neckline of this t-shirt (it’s a little big for my taste), and the price is hard to beat.


Nine. Modern Crewneck T-Shirt Gap // Comes in 4 colors // Size range: XS-XXL // 58% Cotton // Price: $24.95

This tee felt very soft and thick, but I really didn’t love the bulky “tubed” collar. It felt outdated and boring to put on. It’s more fitted than some of the other t-shirts I tried on for this post.


Ten. Luxe Touch Crew-Neck T-Shirt from Banana Republic // Comes in 3 colors // Size range: XXS-XXL // Cotton // Price: $39.50

This material felt really nice in my hand, but generally, I found it to be too stiff for a comfortable t-shirt choice. It’s hard to explain this without feeling it, but I just found it to lack stretch or flexibility. It also ran small BUT it wasn’t see-through so that was a win.

So, which one was my most and least favorite?

My most favorite of the entire bunch is the J.Crew Factory Girlfriend crew neck t-shirt. It’s a bright white, it has a classic fit, and if I’m looking for a no-nonsense simple white tee, this is what I would reach for.

My least favorite is between the Vince tee and the Gap t-shirts. I explained why I didn’t like them in my notes under the photos, but generally, the fit and overall look of these t-shirts didn’t work well for me.

Again, if it’s helpful to hear me talk through some of the details, check out my Instagram stories today!

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