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When it gets to this point of the summer, I want to wear at little as possible that is still acceptable in society. The air is thick, the sun is usually beating down, and it’s best to just go ahead and plan on being pretty hot all day.

I get so much wear out of my shelf bra tanks and I recently tried a new one that is really nice as well! I thought I’d break down my two most worn below, and also share a recommendation from my sister (that I want to try but it’s on major back order at the moment!)

Lululemon Ebb to Street Shelf Bra Tank – Fits snug, and offers great support. I wouldn’t wear this for anything more than an outdoor walk, yoga, or stretching.

Zella Pure Seamless Ribbed Racerback Tank – Fits a bit more relaxed than the Lululemon one. The neck is cut a bit higher as well which I like. Lighter support with this tank!

Sphinx Cat Yoga Work Out Tank – Lauren claims it’s very similar to the Lululemon one! I’m curious to try it but I’m already set on my two great options from Zella and Lululemon.

I’ll typically wear one of these styles of tanks with shorts during the day, and if I’m looking for something comfy to change into after swimming with the kids, it’s likely one of these tanks that I’ll grab!

On a similar note, I recently tried the Tommy John Air Briefs and they are a fantastic option for southern summers. Highly, highly recommend.


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Jody P says · 07.28.21

Wowsa the link game is hot. Some weeks you don’t post at all, others it’s all. links. all. day. every. day. Must have some big bills to pay!

Kate says · 07.29.21

Hi Jody, yep, you’re right-Every week my content varies. And since this is my job. . . I do use the money I earn to pay my bills. That’s kind of how jobs work.

Kim says · 08.02.21

That’s such a rude comment.

Tabatha says · 08.01.21

Thank you for the Intel on tanks. I was just looking to replace a few and wanted ones with shelf bras. I like to wear tanks to bed as well and this transition nicely with scrambling in the morning 😭

Jessica P says · 08.01.21

I am so thankful that you link items that you have tried and tested. Between work and kids, I don’t have any time to shop, but your links help me to find quality items that I feel good in.

Kate says · 08.01.21

Thanks Jessica!

Bobbie Hacker says · 08.01.21

Hi. Can you provide details on the sneaker?

Kelly says · 03.01.22

I just want you to know that you are a beautiful woman. I don’t know what is happening in our world today with such meaness. Thank you for all your help and I look forward to more Blogs from you.

KDay says · 06.28.22

Love my Tommy John tanks!

Drew says · 06.28.22

I’ve always thought you have great taste and appreciate the links, thanks!

Janet says · 06.29.22

Hi Kate…. Love your style. Do you have a link to these sneakers??

Janet says · 06.29.22

Hi Kate… love your style and posts!!! Do you have a link to the sneakers?

Kerri says · 06.30.22

Is there a link for the bag?! I LOVE that hot pink!!

Reply says · 04.02.24

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I love the versatility of racerback tanks, but with so many options it can be overwhelming.