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There are a few things I’m “ride or die” about when it comes to hairstyling and one of those things is the tools I use. And to be honest, of the handful of things I’m going to tell you about today, there is only one thing that I’ve been using since beauty school that is, in my opinion, so essential I almost cannot style my hair without it.

I know, I know!

Let’s start from the top, then, shall we?

One. Cricket Silkomb Pro-35 comb // This is a comb I started using in beauty school and I cannot cut hair (or style hair) without it. It’s 8.5 inches meaning it’s hefty without feeling too long, and the material and spacing of the teeth allow it to smooth through the hair without snagging or causing static electricity. I have about 8 of these in my “back stock” because I never want to be without them.

And hey, I even found myself mentioned on one of the amazon reviews 😉

Two. Wetbrush Vented paddle brush // I prefer to use a vented brush when blowing dry because the airflow through the brush helps speed up the process.

Three. Mason Pearson boar bristle brush // The story of purchasing my Mason Pearson brush can be found here, but any boar bristle brush (this one is under $30!) would be nice to have for times you need to really smooth through your hair from root to tip and “massage” your scalp a bit!

Four. Diane wide tooth comb // I use a wide-tooth comb every single time I need to comb through wet hair. It’s the first thing I use after I get out of the shower and need to rake through any tangles.

Five. Blax clear elastics // These clear elastics are strong and can be used more than once. They are sturdy but still stretchy enough to be pulled out without breaking your hair off.

Six. Gimme Beauty elastics // These are my go-to for any time I’m pulling my hair up for a workout, or if I’m just doing a classic ponytail.

Seven. Slip Silk scrunchies // I sleep with my hair in a high ponytail every single night, and I use one of the larger slip silk scrunchies to hold my hair up and away in the night.

Eight. Spiral elastics // I wish I could more easily find fabric-covered spiral elastics because I like them so much more than the plastic ones. They provide great support to a ponytail and also help make the most *perfect* messy bun!

Nine. Duckbill clips // Any metal, flat duckbill clips are essential to holding hair out of the way without leaving a strong dent or crease. I’m not terribly picky about brands here, but I do recommend classic metal so they can slide in and out of the hair smoothly.

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Sarah says · 07.27.21

Need to upgrade my combs!

Julia says · 07.27.21

This is so helpful and I already have many of these tools…just got to put them to proper use! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Colleen says · 07.27.21

Thanks for this post (and links) Kate! I purchased the comb on your recommendation a few years ago. I don’t curl my hair a lot, but when I do that comb is my best friend.

Lindsey says · 07.27.21

I really enjoyed this post and your IG stories (I hope you’ll save to a highlight)! I bought the comb years ago at your rec and love it!! Thank you for always being a source of education for all things beauty related!

Ashley says · 07.27.21

Kate, could you do a follow up post on the proper way to clean your hair brushes? I never seem to get mine completely clean. Thank you!

Sadie says · 07.27.21

There’s no link to #8 “Spiral Elastics”. Are you able to include one? Tnx

Kate says · 07.27.21

I’m still looking for the fabric covered ones, with no luck yet! Ulta has some but they aren’t fabric covered!

Kim says · 07.27.21

Do you by chance have a round brush recommendation? I use a fairly large one for smoothing and to add volume.

Thank you.

Kate says · 07.27.21

I don’t use one so I always forget about them, but T3 round brushes are really nice!

Kim says · 07.27.21

Thank you, I’ll look into them. 😊

lindsey roy says · 07.27.21

I think Emily needs to do a post on her favorite hair brushes!

Erika says · 07.27.21

I purchased the Cricket comb after reading a previous post, and I love it! It glides through hair so easily. I’ll be adding some of those other items to my Christmas wish list.

Leslie says · 07.28.21

Hello Kate.
In terms of the lull you spoke of elsewhere, how about doing “make overs” on your readers. I suggested this a long time ago. I’ll be the first volunteer! I think seeing how to apply your tips to other types of hair/faces would be really helpful. Tks.

Jaime says · 07.28.21

Just curious… What are the benefits of sleeping with your hair up? I have super fine hair and I’m nervous of breakage. I like the silk scrunchie idea. Looking forward to hearing your input on this…

Kate says · 07.28.21

Great question! I do it because it encourages volume, helps avoid any crinkles or creases from being laid on weird, and it simply just keeps it off my face/skin care products. It’s certainly not something you HAVE to do though!

Lattliv says · 10.31.21

I personally love scrunchies and this particular slip silk scrunchie has my heart.

Victoria says · 01.30.24

The mason pearson brush you have in your photo and other posts appears to be their mix of Boar and Nylon bristles. Am I correct? And if so can you tell me if there was a particular reason you chose that one
Can you please confirm which one it is exactly?
Thank you and enjoy your day.