The Brooklinen Birthday Sale is happening again, and I’m sharing my top picks from the brand

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Nothing is a better series of events like organically falling in love with a brand and then after the fact getting to work with them! I bought my first round of Brooklinen products several years ago and since then I’ve slowly filtered out any linens and towels from other brands, replacing everything with Brooklinen along the way.

They are having their Birthday Sale, which means 20% off Brooklinen brand products on the site. There are other brands on but the sale only works for Brooklinen products.

I love all the sheets, of course, and highly recommend the luxe sateen sheets. They are what we use the most! I also have the linen, which is very lightweight and breathable, as well as the flannel that we like to use in the winter.

I’ve had a few different duvet covers, but always use the down alternative filler. It has a nice weight but doesn’t feel too heavy.

I like a weighted blanket, so I add the weighted blanket to my side of the bed, under the duvet.

Beyond the bed, their bath towels are so nice. The bath sheets are enormous, in the best way possible. If you prefer something smaller, the bath towels are a pretty typical size. I’ve had the super-plush towels, as well as the classic. The dry time for the super-plush is a bit longer, but if you love a thick, luxurious towel then I’d recommend the super-plush!

Overall, it’s pretty difficult to go wrong. You can shop during their Birthday Sale right now (4/26/2022-5/4/2022) to save 20%!


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Colleen says · 04.26.22

Just an FYI: Your links are linking to a Google sheets document instead of Brooklinen.

Kate says · 04.27.22

Appreciate the help! Just updated, sorry about that!

Makenzie says · 04.26.22

Hey! Someone has probably said this, but the embedded links aren’t working correctly. They open a Google sheets page with links to specific products. Just wanted you to know! 🙂

Kate says · 04.27.22

sorry about that! Thank you for the heads up!

Jennifer says · 04.27.22

Recently purchased the Luxe sheets based on your recommendation and absolutely love them! I have a question though…I’m considering purchasing the Luxe duvet cover…do you have to iron it?

deb says · 04.28.22

can you please share your paint color?