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Glowing, radiant skin is always my goal, and there are a few products that I’ve found at Sephora that have made that dream a reality for me.

I’ve been using the new Shani Darden Lactic Acid Exfoliating Serum for the past several weeks and, unsurprisingly, it’s become a “several times a week” essential part of my skincare routine. I alternate between that and the Shani Darden Retinol Reform, which is a product I’ve been raving about for months and months.

The Lactic Acid Exfoliating Serum is a chemical exfoliant that you apply to your skin before bed. You should wake up to glowing, brighter skin and find that the texture is smoother after repeated use. A lactic acid product like this is perfect for anyone who wants some of the similar benefits that a Retinol may have but are not interested in using a product as strong as Retinol.

I also really love the look of a natural, radiant finish to my foundation routine. Occasionally I’ll reach for my matte finish, but more often than not I want my skin to look as realistic as possible so a radiant finish it is!

I’ve been mixing in a glow-enhancing product with my foundation, which works like a charm, but as soon as I saw NARS releasing a new light-reflecting foundation I wondered if it would save me a step in the morning.

The Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation by NARS is pretty great, the coverage is a true medium coverage, and the glow is subtle enough to look very realistic without looking like your shining all the way into space.

One of the other big reasons why I was so happy with my base this day was thanks to the Bobbi Brown Skin Concealer Stick. It’s a natural, long-wear formula that brightens and conceals under eyes as well as covers up blemishes. While it shouldn’t shock you that I have multiple concealers that I use in different parts of my face, I truly love the ease of having a “one and done” concealer. There is a pretty decent shade range in this new Bobbi Brown Skin Concealer stick, I use Cool Sand.

The concealer coverage is medium, which pairs perfectly with a medium coverage foundation! A general rule of thumb is to match coverage levels with any base/concealer products!

Overall, I loved my makeup this day because it felt like me and wore beautifully all day! And there is something to be said for feeling like a million bucks when you love your makeup.

If you’re looking for anything new to add to your routine, I’d recommend these products I showed you today. If you’re shopping for a new foundation, check out the foundation matching tools on Sephora’s website. I’ve used these quizzes and tools to compare what Sephora recommends against what I use and love and they matched up! And while you’re there, sign up to be a Beauty Insider. You get perks, rewards, and earn points when you shop! It’s totally free with no obligation to spend a certain amount.

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Tracy Stegall says · 01.30.22

Kate…can you post a source for your “k” necklace?

Kate says · 01.30.22

Miranda Frye!

Katie Williamson says · 01.30.22

Can you share the color you use in the NARS foundation? The link took me to Barcelona.

Barbara Burgess says · 01.31.22

What brush did you use to apply the Nars foundation?

Barbara Burgess says · 01.31.22

What foundation brush were you using with the Nars foundation?