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January Beauty Favorites

I’ve gotten a few requests for my popcorn maker, as well as my top choice in brand of popcorn to purchase, and I must admit that I’m truly honored that you are asking me. I have always enjoyed popcorn but I’m really leaning into it more these days and it brings me so much joy to make it from scratch over the stove.

Sometimes I enjoy the waxy coating left after eating a bag of micro popcorn, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to beat stovetop popcorn with oil.

So, my stovetop popcorn popper is very, very old. I cannot remember where I first purchased it, but this is similar to the one I have. The crank arm is still functioning but the swivel rod at the bottom that moves the kernels around is crooked so I’m not getting a smooth motion.

Am I tempted by this? Absolutely I am. The only problem is cleaning it. In fact, my parents have one of these at their house and almost never use it because it’s a beast to clean.

I’ve got my eyes on this one right now.

Now listen, I’ve tried the microwave silicone popper and it’s not the same. The oil distribution is poor, at best. Don’t be tempted.

When it comes to kernel selection, you must go with the Amish. It makes Orville Redenbacher has NOTHING on the kernels you can buy from Amish Country Popcorn.

If you’re new, I would start with a trial pack in the form of a gift box. I found this at World Market and enjoyed the varieties! And then I stress purchased 12 lbs (Twelve 1 pound bags of different kernels) when we lost power in an ice storm so I’m set with popcorn for awhile. Good thing 4/5 of us Bryan’s like popcorn.

When it comes to a recipe, it’s really just oil + kernels over heat. I typically don’t measure but it averages out to about 1 tbsp oil to 1/3 cup kernels. You can play around with the oil amount depending on your taste preferences.

Is that enough popcorn info for you? Let’s move on.

My hairstylist Jordan recommended this oil treatment for my dry, fragile ends. I *love* that it’s in a spray. I can really coat my hair with it, go to bed, and when I shampoo it out in the morning my hair feels so soft.

I finished the book The Lazy Genius by Kendra Adachi. It’s a very easy to read, motivating book with practical advice for your life. I wondered if it was going to be challenging to read in a way that would make me feel like I’m failing at organization or productivity, but in fact it was quite the opposite. Kendra has a way to share direct, practical advice in a gentle way that feels encouraging and motivating. It’s a quick read, add it to your list.

I shared my favorite bags for travel, from my suitcase to my backpack, on this post.

I also shared my beauty favorites for the month of January here!

And here are a few things I mentioned on Instagram Stories recently that you may have missed:

Pureology Leave-In Detangler

February book club book announced on Facebook Small Loves Book Club

Winter Jacket

Revolution Pro Brow Pencil

amika Blow-Dry Brush

Sephora Waterproof Eyeliner

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Face Mask

Kate McLeod Body Stone

Pima Bath Wrap

Old Navy Fleece Hoodie Jacket

Peloton Tread

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Erin says · 01.29.22

You sold me on the popcorn! I was looking into it and got super excited that it was local to me in Indiana! Thanks for promoting small businesses!

Lo says · 01.30.22

Hi hi! Did I miss where you shared the second olive green eye shadow?! Not the pixi one. Iā€™m dying to find a good olive green for an event I have this next weekend! šŸ’š thanks!

Allison says · 02.02.22

We have an electric popcorn maker called the Stir Crazy. Amazon sells it as does Target. It is a game changer. We had the Whirly Pop before and this does the same thing but without you having to do it. We too love popcorn and have it multiple times a week. I just bought some Amish popcorn for my husband so can’t wait to try it.