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I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed (Part 2)

It’s taken years, but I’ve learned to pack for trips thoughtfully and effectively so I don’t have a lot of wasted space in my bags. There are a few key things that I always travel with, and I’m sharing those with you today!

Tumi Uma Backpack

When I was traveling more regularly for work, I was finding myself packing my heavy laptop along with some camera gear as well. I wasn’t comfortable packing any of those things in my suitcase, so they always went into my backpack. I finally splurged on a high-quality, comfortable, and chic laptop backpack and I am so happy with this purchase. I bought it in the fall of 2019 and it still looks exactly as good as the day I purchased it. The outer material is nylon making it very easy to wipe down and clean. The small pockets on the outside of the backpack are perfect for items you may need quick access to in an airport. I use the slot near the top handles for my phone or other smaller rectangular items. The laptop case is separate from the rest of the backpack, and the center of the bag opens so widely that I can fit a ton of things inside. There are a few zip pouches inside the bag as well, making this backpack incredibly easy to organize. While Tumi rarely goes on sale, I did manage to pick this up when it was. It’s been so effective for how I travel, both with my family or solo for work, so I’m extremely pleased with this purchase.

There is a similar backpack to this style I have called the Carson that you can find here!

If you’re looking for a similar style bag at a lower price point, this one comes highly reviewed!

Truffle Clarity Pouch

I have a few of these bags, and many I’ve had for years. I love that they are clear so you can see exactly what is inside. The pouches offer a bit more space than the clutches, as far as space for products goes, so I’d recommend the pouch or even the jetset case!

These are similar in that they are a clear case, but have a much thinner material.

Swissgear Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage

I found this suitcase at Target a few years ago (seems to be out of stock there now) and bought both the large and the carry-on size. I love it. It’s lightweight, the wheels are smooth, and roll in every direction meaning you aren’t pulling your shoulder out of the socket while you’re running through the airport. There is a zipped-off section that I often store my shoes in, and when I’m returning from a trip I’ll keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean clothes in the same zipped-off section. I truly love this luggage and can highly recommend it after having a few years of experience with it!


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Emily Hazlett says · 01.25.22

Love your blog!

Stephanie says · 01.25.22

Yes! I have the Lovevook backpack in grey (the lower price point option Kate gave). I use as my everyday “teacher bag” and it is WONDERFUL! So much room with so many functional pockets. I also used it as my travel backpack this Christmas when we went to Paris… flawless. Loved the zipper pocket in the back to hold my wallet and passport (against my back) so there was zero chance of them getting taken.

Karen VanLoo says · 01.27.22

Love this, I love to travel and I have the same Swiss Gear luggage (in the cream color) and it’s fantastic. I found some clear covers (they slip over and velcro at the bottom) for them to use when they are checked in at the airport, because I know they would be scratched up and I am glad I did. I found those on Amazon. They keep my investment protected!

Donya Clark says · 03.17.22

Kate, thank you for this ❤️ do you have a recommendation for a weekender bag?