Makeup Brush Recommendations + the Sephora Beauty for All Event details!

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You’ve likely heard the phrase “the right tool for the job” and that rings very true when it comes to makeup brushes. It’s absolutely essential to have good quality brushes that perform exactly the way you want them to perform, which means even distribution of product and no streaks or splotchiness.

I’ve been using Sephora Collection brushes for a long time. In fact, a few of my very favorite brushes that I’ve had for over 7-10 years are Sephora collection and they are still as good as new.

I thought it may be helpful to break down each brush in one of the Sephora Collection kits that will be on promo during the Sephora Beauty for All Event to explain how I use them and what other ways they can be used!

The Sephora Beauty for All Event runs from 12/3-12/12. Sephora Collection is 30% off, and Beauty Insiders also have the ability to use the promo code “GIFTEASY” for 20% your order one time. You can quickly and easily sign up to be a beauty insider by clicking right here! Not only will it give you access to this event, but you’ll earn points on purchases to use on anything from free gifts to saving money on future orders.

So, let’s break down these brushes!

I love a flat-top foundation brush. I find it easiest to buff foundation into the skin whether it’s a sheer, medium, or full coverage. I used to pump foundation onto the back of my hand and then dot my brush into it in order to transfer it onto my face, but lately, I’ve just been pumping a bit of foundation directly onto the bristles of the brush and then dotting it onto my face before buffing it in!

A flat concealer brush is not only very effective for applying and blending concealer under the eye, but it’s also a really great brush to use to clean up uneven winged eyeliner or shadow. Just pull the brush against the outside of your eye and you’ll have a cleaner line from your liner!

The powder, contour, and blush brushes in this set are the perfect sizes for all 3 of those steps. The blush brush isn’t too compact making it really easy to control the intensity of the product.

Lastly, the eye brushes are all you need for simple eyeshadow: flat and crease brushes. I use the flat brush with either powder or cream shadows, and the crease brush I use for, well, the crease!

Not only do great makeup brushes ensure that you aren’t wasting product and that you’re getting the best finish, but it helps your makeup last longer than if you used your fingertips since you don’t need to worry about any excess oil disturbing your products.

This is such a great time to get brushes, and other beauty essentials, but it’s also nice to restock a few other favorites with the 20% off one-time use code (“GIFTEASY”). A few fun extras to add to your makeup routine are a radiance booster, a new lip color, or a highlighting palette.

I’ve been adding 1 pump of the Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer Highlighter into my foundation routine lately. It adds a nice, all-over glow to the skin without being too shimmery. Another very popular product that adds a beautiful glow to the skin is the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. You can wear it alone, or mix it into your foundation and it adds a soft, light-reflecting look to the skin.

I’ve also been *loving* Armani Beauty Lip Power Long-Lasting Satin Lipstick in 503.

If you want to start 2022 off with a new fragrance, I highly recommend Gorgeous Gardenia from Gucci. It’s been my most worn scent for years!

Sephora Collection also has a nice cream lip stain set in rich, moody colors for the holidays!

Happy Shopping! And remember the 20% off code is one-time use so choose wisely!


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Kasandra says · 12.03.21

Do you have a brush that you like to set under eye concealer with using a powder? All brushes I find are purely for applying a cream/liquid concealer and not for setting.

Katie says · 12.04.21

Searched all over the blog but can’t find it. What’s the brush you use for the liquid NARs blush? I feel like it was a flat top brush but can’t remember. Thanks!

Kate says · 12.05.21

It’s a makeup by Mario blush brush, unfortunately I cannot find it anywhere!

verlynvillanueva says · 12.06.21

Hi I learned many tips from you , hope that you can notice me!>3