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I Got My Eyebrows Microbladed (part 1)

The scent in my home is one of the first things I change out when I’m ready for a new mood or a changing season. Not only does it make me happy when I smell one of the incredibly good capsules from Aera, but it also ensures that I feel really great about my home when we have guests over! In fact, the other night my husband invited a few golf buddies over to celebrate one of them getting a hole-in-one. I had about a 20-minute warning that they were coming, so all I did was bump up the intensity on my Aera Smart diffuser and I knew my home would smell wonderful and inviting. 

At that time I was still enjoying my Apple Harvest capsule that I designed with Aera. The fruity sweetness of this capsule is just even better than I imagined it. It smells like an apple pie is being baked whenever the diffuser is on, which is exactly how I want my home to smell this time of year. 

The new Holiday Limited Edition scents are next-level good. There are so many scents available through Aera, but these 3 Holiday scents are truly something to be experienced. The fragrances are layered so perfectly to add a beautiful depth and coziness to any room in your home. 

The Holiday Scents are Holiday Cheer (Cinnamon & Cloved Orange), Sleigh Ride (Fresh Snow & Fir), and Winter Wreath (Siberian Pine & Red Berries). Each of these scents represents such a classic picture of the holidays when you are enjoying them in the diffuser. And they last up to 800 hours! 

I am so tempted to start using the Winter Wreath capsule, but I’m forcing myself to wait until my Christmas tree is actually on display! To top it off, you can also get the Limited Edition Holiday scents for the Aera Mini! This plug-in diffuser is absolutely perfect for any room that has an upright outlet. It’s the world’s first smart diffuser, meaning it allows you to connect it to your app to set up a schedule and control the intensity, just like the Aera Smart Diffuser. The Mini has adjustable settings directly on the device, as well as the opportunity to control it via the app. 

I added the Aera Mini diffuser to my laundry room, which not only makes doing laundry more enjoyable, but it helps mitigate the unpleasant smell from my cats’ litter box, which is in the laundry room closet. For me, knowing that I can set up a diffuser or two to turn on automatically and add a beautiful layer of happiness to each room means I get to enjoy that room even more. While I love a candle, I rarely remember to burn them and I also tend to avoid them since I have 3 kids running around the house. 

The Aera Diffusers do not require water, and the fragrance capsules are pet-safe and clean (100% ethically and sustainably sourced). I genuinely think you’d love adding this to your home or giving it as a great holiday gift! And I’m excited to share a promo code for you to get 20% off any of the diffusers – the Smart and the Mini. Shop early to avoid the holiday rush!

Kate20 is the code to use at check out. And hey– the Apple Harvest scent would make a wonderful gift to give this year as well 😉

This post is sponsored by Aera. 


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