One Simple Swap to Modernize your Eye Makeup

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I tend to stick with the classics when it comes to style and beauty, but I also like experimenting with some trends as long as they feel true to what I like. This makeup tip I’m sharing today is something you may have heard of already, but I’m curious if you’ve ever actually tried it.

Are you ready for it?

Ditch the black eyeliner.

Don’t throw it away, let’s not be ridiculous, but push it down to the bottom of your makeup bag. Replace it with either *no* eyeliner, or something that is just a shade darker than your favorite, most-worn eyeshadow. And if you don’t wear eyeshadow much, just look for a soft brown shade that will give the illusion of depth without any of the harshnesses of black.

Black eyeliner is great for adding serious impact and definition to the eyes, but it can be harsh sometimes and it often ends up making eyes look a bit smaller than they actually are. There are tricks and techniques to using black eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger, but for the most part, I imagine many of you use it in the most straightforward, traditional way: a small line along the base of your lashes on the top of your eye.

I’ve been reminding you to smudge it out, soften the line with a brush, etc. for years, but now I want you to try skipping the black eyeliner altogether.

Not only will it make your eyelashes pop (no black line visually breaking up the length of the lashes), but it may make you look a bit more awake with wider opened eyes as well.

For this makeup look I used: Bobbi Brown Cream shadow in Nude Beach, Sephora Collection eyeliner in Shimmery Taupe, Hourglass blush in Luminous Flush, and Laura Mercier lipstick in Brun Pale.


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Meridy says · 10.12.21

This tip is actually my go to. I *never* use eyeliner because it’s too fussy and uncomfortable to apply for me. I’m glad that my easy shortcut is actually cutting edge!😄

Kate says · 10.12.21


Cara says · 10.12.21

What is the mascara you are usnig? You have got great volume!

Liz says · 10.13.21

I tried this today and really loved the change from my usual black liner. How do you get it to last all day? Even using a primer, mine faded in just a few hours. Thanks!

Andria says · 10.13.21

What eyeshadow brush do you use with the shadow sticks? I would prefer to use a brush and not my finger!

sue says · 10.19.21

Can you suggest some other great brown eyeliners for blue eyes? The sephora shimmer taupe is out of stock.


Nicole says · 05.05.22

Where did you get the bags in the photos?

Rachel says · 05.05.22

I’ve always used black and my eyeshadow is usually dark brown, medium/light brown and ivory…thoughts on a good brown liner?

Kim says · 05.05.22

I made the switch from harsh liquid liner to the softer shimmer taupe liner from Sephora based on a previous blog post of yours. Game. Changer. Exactly like you said, it makes your lashes look longer, but is a much softer look while still having definition. Thanks for always having such great recommendations! 🙂