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I tend to share more of my “dressed up” outfits on Instagram during my workdays but today is all about my wardrobe on my days off which is almost always athleisure. In the summer, it’s a lot of shorts and tanks, but as it starts to cool off I’m incorporating some joggers and t-shirts into the mix.

When I’m wearing leggings, I try to find tanks or outfits that have a shirt hem long enough to cover my butt, but with joggers, I’ve got more options for throwing on a casual tee or a more fitted, cropped tank.

I’m wearing a bunch of my favorites from Zella, a brand you can find at Nordstrom. In fact, the day before my sprint triathlon, I rushed over to Nordstrom to buy a long sleeve top from Zella because it was going to be a bit colder than I was expecting that morning! I can always count on finding a great variety of what I may I be looking to add to my wardrobe from Nordstrom. It’s been one of my go-to retailers for years, and besides the vast selection, the free shipping and returns is always a win in my book.

Zella has a great mix of comfy lounge clothes, as well as high-performance workout gear. Some of my favorite long sleeve shirts are from Zella, you may remember me sharing them a bit last season. They have a scooped hem and thumb holes on the sleeve. They came back this season with new colors and a few striped versions!

The white t-shirt I’m wearing in these images is lightweight and stretchy enough for a low-impact workout or easily thrown on with a pair of joggers to run errands in. I paired it with black joggers that have elongating details down the front and sides of the legs, which are also nice and high-waisted!

Switching to my favorite color palette (black), I paired the slightly oversized and relaxed black tee with the stretchiest pair of joggers I’ve ever put on my body. You have to feel these grey pants to believe me, but they are extremely comfy and fit like a glove.

The long puffer jacket is just taunting me right now, hanging in my closet waiting to be worn. It’s still quite warm here, but I loved the length of this jacket for wearing with leggings. Plus, it’s lightweight enough that I won’t get too hot in it.

I rounded up a handful of my other favorites from Zella below!

01.     02.     03.      04.     05.     06.     07.     08.     09.     10.   

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom.


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Abby says · 10.11.21

Hi! I’d love to know what size in the jacket you’re wearing?

Kate says · 10.11.21

I’m wearing the medium!

Heather says · 10.11.21

Can you please note the sizes you are wearing in your try ons please 🙂 Definitely the black and grey joggers?!

Kim says · 10.13.21

Have you tried any of the Powersoft joggers from Old Navy? I bought some yesterday, then came home and bought 2 more pair online.

Shaela says · 10.14.21

In the 1st picture with the grey joggers- where did you get that black purse or what kind is it?

Shelley says · 10.16.21

I love your bag in the 1st picture. Where can we buy it? 😍

Miami says · 10.17.21

Kindly perhaps a bit more effort.

Kate says · 10.18.21

Sorry, I’m not sure what you are referring to.

Taylor says · 10.17.21

Can you share the 2 pairs of sunglasses that you are wearing in both pictures?

Jill says · 10.17.21

Would you mind linking your shoes? I think I need them!

Kate says · 10.18.21 Reply
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