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I’ve been enjoying adding in a few details of bold stripes to my wardrobe or accessories. It all started with the Marc Jacobs bag I got during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (this is similar!).

I then found a really cute bag strap that you can add to other handbags as long as the strap is removable from Madewell. And Better Life Bags makes really cute straps as well!

I loved that the bold stripes added a bit of interest to an outfit but still kept it really classic.



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Samantha says · 10.11.21

Hello Kate!
First off love your blog! I have a couple questions and ideas I’d love to see from you! Obviously no pressure 🙂

1: if Emily is up for it could you do little girl hair tutorials?

2: I’m right handed and pretty good at styling my left side. Any tips and suggestions for styling my right side? Especially when it comes to curls. (Or maybe this is just a me problem, haha)

3: Love when you and you sis do things together. How about a live night where she follows one of your hair or makeup tutorials? I just think you two would make it funny!

4: black yoga pant comparison ??

You’re the best!!

Tina Ashlock says · 05.05.22

Hi, I like the small purse that you have in the picture. What is the name of the purse and how much is it?