Undergarments: My Favorite Socks, Bras, and Underwear

A Few Drugstore Makeup Finds!

I’m about to share a potentially controversial statement:

I’m team “no thong”. I know, I KNOW! But I found the best briefs that are the closest thing to wearing nothing at all.

One.     Two.     Three.     Four.     Five.     Six.     Seven.     Eight.     Nine.     Ten.

From time to time I’ll share my favorite undergarments, from underwear to bras to socks, but I wanted to have a simple spot where I rounded up all of my very favorites. When it comes to underwear, I only have black, white, or taupe in my drawer. And the same holds true for my bras!

I shared two underwear recommendations on the graphic, the Chantelle brand is what I wear every day, and I love the Tommy John Air Mesh brief for working out (or every day…!).

Natori bras are extremely comfortable and fit my body really well, and if you’re interested in exploring some of my other favorite bras you can read this post!

When it comes to athletic socks, I shared my favorite ankle socks for any kind of fitness, from running to strength training, and also included the no-show nylon socks I wear in the cooler months.

If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy a round-up of some crew neck white t-shirts I pitted against each other recently! 


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