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I remember when I was a little girl that my mom did a hot oil treatment on my hair. I believe she just warmed up some kind of hair oil, and then poured it on my hair, and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. My hair looked so greasy and felt so heavy when we washed it out. I was not happy! And that memory has been with me ever since that day.

If you’ve ever tried a deep conditioner or a treatment that left your hair feeling overly weighed down, greasy, waxy, or just lifeless, I’ve been there too! And it can feel really discouraging especially when you are hoping for healthy, vibrant, soft, and shiny hair instead!

My hair tends to be on the drier side naturally, but the regular coloring, frequent swimming, and subsequent frequent washing and heat styling mean I really need to be conscientious of what is happening to the ends of my hair. Even the best flat iron in the world cannot make dry, damaged hair look good, so introducing a regular routine of deep conditioning is key for me to keep my hair looking healthy and strong.

I have two recommendations for nourishing and repairing products for your hair that won’t adversely affect your ability to style!

First up, the Amika Most Improved The Kure Multi-Task Treatment Hair Repair Set. You probably already know that I love this brand, and this limited edition kit has two fantastic products inside.

The full size is the multi-task treatment. It’s in a really easy-to-use squeeze bottle and all it takes is 60 seconds to do its job. You can, of course, leave it on for longer if you would like to, but it’s really effective at strengthening the hair, sealing up split ends, and leaving hair healthy to prevent future breakage.

In this kit, you also find a trial size of The Closer Repair Cream. This cream can be used mid-shaft to ends and focuses on sealing split ends and repairing the hair.

Split ends are challenging to deal with, and end up shortening the hair as the ends continue to split! The Amika The Kure Multi-Task Treatment Hair Repair Set is a great option for restoring dry hair that may be prone to split ends, so you can keep it healthy or even grow it out longer.

If in-shower treatments aren’t your thing, I have a great option that you can do in your SLEEP! Yes, you read that correctly!

Kerastase makes a Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum that you can apply directly to dry hair right before bed and go to sleep while it does all the good work. And another perk? You don’t even need to rinse it out in the morning. You can if you want to, but it’s not required.

The formula is focused on adding hydration and shine, while also focusing on restoring split ends and repairing damage. The product feels light and slippery, and since it’s a serum it glides through even the driest hair really easily.

I love products like this because I find they are easy to incorporate into my evening beauty routine. I just set the Kerastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum right next to my nightly skincare and apply it a few times a week, focusing heavily on massaging it into my ends. There isn’t really a need to apply this to your root area, but if you are noticing extreme breakage around your face, like so many of us have, make sure you coat those sections of your hair as well!

If you are dealing with breakage, either from split ends or dryness overall, I’d recommend exploring one of these two options! Both will benefit your hair greatly, and you’ll still be able to style beautifully after using them!



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Melissa says · 08.11.21

If your hair is short (and I mean pixie short), any advice on applying these products that are meant for mid-shaft to ends? 🤪

Kate says · 08.16.21

It won’t harm anything to get it on your root area, just so you know 🙂 ! But I would just run your hands through your hair to deposit!

Beth says · 08.12.21

What do you recommend for dry, frizzy gray hair? My hair texture has changed so much since going gray. I appreciate your advice. Thank you.

Brenda says · 08.12.21

What are you thoughts on the olaplex home treatment?

Kammi Irvin says · 08.12.21

Hi Kate!
I know you used and loved the caviar bond repair night serum. So if you could only purchase one the caviar or kerastase 8h repair which would it be?

I purchased the caviar on your rec. and liked it and am about out. Trying to decided if I should repurchase or try something new.


Kate says · 08.13.21

oh man they are both SO nice! The kerastase has a stronger scent, but otherwise they are both very similar and do really great things for the hair. My hair feels soft and flexible and hydrated after using them!

Kammi Irvin says · 08.13.21

Thanks Kate!

Michele says · 08.13.21

Sort of related: what’s the deal with all stylists needing you to contact them directly through some sort of social media to make an appointment rather than calling a salon? I’ve been recommended to a few different stylists by the good-haired people at work and all of them need to be messaged on Facebook or Instagram, neither of which I use due to being a teacher and the general enjoyment of privacy. Is there a way I should be contacting them, or should I just keep looking for a different salon? I understand that there are many rent-a-chair /own your own business salons in my area (similar to what you described you did before having David), but it’s super frustrating to not be able to reach stylists and support their business/art (not to mention, you know, having good hair!)

Kate says · 08.13.21

Ya know, I’m not sure why this is becoming so common. I totally understand what you’re saying, I think this is just changing times and we have more access to people directly than ever before!

Allie says · 08.16.21

Is it ok to use both products?

Meagan says · 08.16.21

Do you wear your hair up or down when you use the Kerastase at night? Do you find it transfers to your pillowcase at all?

Kate says · 08.17.21

I typically wear my hair up in a very loose ponytail, and I haven’t noticed any transfer!

Tham says · 11.02.21

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Maria Fons says · 02.14.22

Hi,would you recommend this product for colored hair? I am brunette with blonde highlights. Thanks!

Jennings Pamela says · 02.14.22

Kate, I love your tutorials and recommendations. But I miss all of your volume in your hair and showing how to get it.I just bought texturizing spray and got much better results with my hot rollers and teasing brush.

Micah Gray says · 04.26.22

Love your content