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Behind the Screens: Influencer Business Part 2

How was your week? Mine felt quick, in a way, but I’m happy that it’s Friday and very thankful we don’t have a bunch of mess to clean up from the storm we were told was arriving Thursday afternoon. It somehow went completely around Raleigh!?

I am so anxious to add flowers to my front porch, watch my grass turn green again, and get to enjoy the beautiful warm weather of spring and summer. I just can’t wait.

Last Weekend, I made this Burrata Ceasar Salad Pizza and I cannot stop thinking about it. I couldn’t find Burrata but DANG it was so good even with fresh mozzarella. I’m beyond impressed and cannot wait to explore more recipes. I found burrata cheese at Trader Joe’s on Thursday so you can guarantee I’m going to be remaking it this weekend!

Loved this post by Caralyn on denim refresh for 2021!

My favorite foundation coverage level is “medium” because it’s so versatile and easy to wear. I shared a few of my favorites on this post.

I was recently interviewed on WRAL Out & About Podcast after winning my second Voters Choice Award earlier this year. The host, Kathy, was so fun to talk to! You can listen to the interview here! 

And here are a few things I mentioned on Instagram Stories that you may have missed: 

Thread and Supply ankle-length dress – love the waffle texture! It needs a slip because it’s a touch see-through.

Wide leg jeans from H&M – honestly, I still am on the fence about these!

Banana bread – Remember last year when everyone made Banana Bread during the beginning part of “stay at home”? Maybe it’s the season, or maybe I just wanted to use up some old banana’s but I made some recently. It’s my fool-proof recipe.

Navy LOFT shell top – a wardrobe classic. If you are looking for a bolder color, try this one! 

Glossier Sheer Matte Lipsticks in “Like” and “Crush” – didn’t love the depth of the color on either of these.

YSL Sheer Matte Lipstick “106” and “111”  – love both of these!

Teachers Pay Teachers website

This week’s discount codes: 

Home Chef – Use code KATE90 for $90 off. That’s 10 FREE meals!!

Questions from Monday’s Question Box on Instagram Stories:

I need help finding business casual for my new job. How can I mix the two of these together? So this varies a bit depending on the industry but LOFT is a great store for business casual. You can get a few basic shells and a blazer to pair with either trousers or a clean and classic skinny jean.

What do you think of dermaplaning? I think it’s fine but I don’t do it.

Would you ever get a dog? No plans at this time!

How do I prevent mascara from getting under my eye? Usually, it’s a concealer problem! Make sure to “set” your concealer with a setting powder to keep any mascara from flaking off and melting onto your skin! I shared more tips about this on Instagram recently, click here!

Have you tried Thrive Cosmetics? I have tried the mascara and I liked it. I believe it felt like it dried out quickly which is why I didn’t end up repurchasing.

Where do you buy your pizza dough? I used to order it from Sur La Table but they have been sold out. The brand was LaMonica. Now I will either make my own or pick it up from Publix.

How do I curl my hair? Check this tutorial!

How often should you replace your hairbrush? More than anything, just keep it clean. You can keep the same brush for years!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.19.21

Thank you for the links, Kate! Have a great weekend! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Adriana says · 03.19.21

Just a tip- if I am not going to make my own pizza dough I prefer TJ over Publix or better yet purchase dough from my favorite local pizza restaurant.

Ashley D says · 03.19.21

HBH recipes are my favorite!! My husband and I have been picking one of her recipes for ‘date night’ and work on it together. The Buffalo Chicken pizza is off the charts good! We are trying the Caesar salad tonight.

Michele says · 03.19.21

I came of age in the time of JNCO jeans (no, I never wore them, somehow I knew I would regret it in pictures later) and even hearing the term “wide leg jeans” makes me break out in hives….and questionable 90’s hits.

ML says · 03.22.21

Hi, Kate! Just a heads up, Teachers Pay Teachers isn’t a super well-respected site among teachers. I know its challenging to find materials for everyone when homeschooling, unfortunately, a lot of the work that’s posted and sold on TPT is stolen from other teachers.

Melodee says · 03.26.21

OMG Kate…. I think I remember you saying you use Redken All Soft at times. You need to try the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate, if you haven’t already. It is amazing. I had issue with my hair after having Covid. Falling out, braking, dry, ect. This is amazing. Little pricy but so worth it. P.S. I love your blog!!!!