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When it comes to working out, I generally keep my outfits pretty simple. I work out alone, mostly in my office on our 3rd floor, and I just really need my clothes to serve whatever work out I have planned that day.

Like all things, I have my favorites so I’m going to share a few of those with you today!

One.    Two.    Three.    Four.    Five.    Six.    Seven.    Eight.    Nine.    Ten.    Eleven.


One. These shorts from Athleta were a discovery last year. I love the leopard print! I’ve run in them or just used them for training. I love that they don’t feel too short on me!

Two. The Invigorate High Rise tight is a no-fuss tight that I’ve used for running, strength training, or walking. It doesn’t budge thanks to the internal drawstring, and the pocket is a nice feature as well!

Three. I have a bunch of these weights!

Four. I don’t often wear a tank when I’m working out inside, so this Ebb to Train bra is perfect for support and a little bit more coverage on a chilly morning.

Five. The Wunder Train High-Rise Tight is my favorite for training. The fabric is breathable and I love the smooth finish of the legs (minimal seams, no pockets, etc)

Six. These Spanx bike shorts are my absolute favorite. They are thin, compressing without feeling too tight, and perform beautifully for a sweaty bike ride.

Seven. I love the Invigorate bra for a simple sports bra with medium support. The mesh fabric in the back is nice too for some air flow!

Eight. The Nike Flyknit sneakers are becoming my most worn sneaker, both for lifestyle and for weight training. I prefer a sneaker with laces for running, but I used these for pretty much everything else!

Nine. This bra from Amazon is perfect for light/medium support and I like that it has a longer line to it so it feels like a crop top.

Ten. These are my favorite socks. There are little grippers around the edges of the bottoms and they keep you from slipping and sliding when you aren’t wearing shoes.

Eleven. I love this bra for low-impact workouts. It feels very comfortable, offers light support, and the criss-cross back is really pretty.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.20.21

Thank you for these! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

BKW says · 03.21.21

This style of layout is kind of tough on mobile, it requires scrolling up and down a lot to see the picture after reading your description. Would you consider having the pictures next to the description in future posts? Thanks for your lovely blog, have been reading for years and still love it!!

Kate says · 03.21.21

Thanks for the feedback! I have a big website update coming this summer and certainly want to make it more mobile responsive 🙂

Maureen Frame says · 03.22.21

You sold out the shorts, Kate! I’ll wait for my favorite color to come back in stock. Does your phone fit in that pocket?

Sherry says · 03.22.21

What tennis shoes do you recommend for treadmill, elliptical, etc?

Camilla Bailey says · 03.23.21

I like Tight #5, but in a different color, burgundy. Honestly, I think I have more gym clothes and equipment than I can wear to workout. But it’s kind of my hobby and my motivation to work out.

Dana says · 04.06.21

I need a heavy support sports bra. I freaked out recently after getting one on from Target and nearly resorted to cutting it off. 🤣

delta 8 says · 04.23.21

I have just recently discovered high-waisted leggings for myself! Why haven’t I studied in them before? Now I can’t even approach a low waist at all) I now like to work out even more. You have a very cool selection, I think that I will also have gartels soon, because my body weight is no longer enough for me. And very cool shorts for sports, just what you need for summer workouts! Thanks for this article!