True or False: Hair Edition

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I’ve been enjoying this video/story trend that has been circulating through Instagram Stories where people post a True/False question box and ask followers to submit their statements for the Influencer/brand to reply with either “true” or “false”. I thought it would be fun to make it a hair focused segment so I’m answering these statements with my opinion of if they are “true” or “false” over on YouTube!

Here are the statements I answered with either True or False in the video:

One. You shouldn’t wash your hair every day.

Two. Cutting your hair helps it grow.

Three. Dry ends are repairable.

Four. Dry shampoo is bad for your hair/scalp.

Five. Purple shampoo works.

Six. Side parts are over #canceled.

Seven. It’s bad to brush wet hair.

Eight. Clarifying Shampoo can strip color.

Nine. Your hair has a certain length it wants to be and it cannot get longer.

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Kandace says · 02.03.21

Hey Kate!

So I’m having an issue with my foundation and coverage… even if I use a primer my foundation just seems to sit on my face and looks dry. Do you have any recommendations? What is your go to primer and foundation? I’m fair skin like you and have very dry sensitive skin. Thank you so much!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 02.03.21

Can’t wait to watch this! Thanks for the video! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sydni Jackson says · 02.03.21

Man. I’ve been trying to grow my hair long but I had a suspicion it might just not be possible. Such a bummer to know that might be true! I feel like my hair grows soooo slowy, but really I think it just gets to a point where it’s long and kinda damaged and that’s the end, haha.

Maryellen says · 02.03.21

Love your earrings!! Can you share where you got them? Thanks!!

Cindy says · 02.03.21

Great information, thanks for doing this! I’ve always wondered about using curling irons/flat irons…is it better to use a lower heat setting and hold it on your hair a bit longer or use a higher heat setting and keep it against the hair for a shorter time?

Lauren says · 02.03.21

Side parts are over? But you have one… as do I! Side part forever!

Mrs. Plank says · 02.04.21

This is by far the most helpful thing I’ve seen on the interwebs in a long time. Thank you!

Stephanie says · 02.04.21

Hi Kate!

I want to know the difference between a regular cut and a razor cut. I have had both, however when I ask for a razor cut, I get a different version every time! I have thick, wavy, long hair and I had a razor cut before not on the ends, but with layers (she started mid hair and went down). It was the best cut I ever had! But I can’t seem to get anyone to cut it like that since. How do I ask for that and get that cut again?

full hair says · 11.15.21

I love both the shampoo and conditioner. The very first time I used these products there was a noticeable difference in the way my hair felt. It felt silky and a little thicker. It is definitely adding volume and fullness! I may start using this as a permanent shampoo! So far great!