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Holiday Gift Guide for Kids!

Fresh is one of the brands I’ve been using for the longest time, and certainly one I’ve shared a lot about over the years of running this site! I was introduced via their tinted Lip Treatments, and it’s been true love ever since. One of my all-time favorite face masks is by Fresh (Black Tea Perfecting Mask) and I’ve bought myself and my friends + family many of their holiday gift sets over the years as well!

Today I’m thrilled to be partnering with Sephora to highlight two of Fresh Beauty’s holiday gift sets that, to be honest, you should consider for yourself first, and secondly for someone you love. They are *that* good.

First up, the Black Tea Firming Skincare Set. The value of this kit is $174 but the cost is only $119. The Black Tea line from Fresh is a high performing line with some of the most luxurious-feeling products. I remember the first time I applied the Black Tea Firming Corset Cream along my face and neck, I could actually feel the tightening effect on my skin, in the best way possible!

This holiday set is perfect for anyone in your life who values luxurious, high performing skincare. Not only is it packaged beautifully, but you get such a great variety of products that all focus on treating aging skin. I always like to imagine what the recipient of my gift may not think to buy for himself/herself, and a gift set like this checks the box with the addition of the Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence and also provides a great option for a new daily moisturizer.

The Soft Lip Duo ($18/$25 value) is a set that I always buy a few of every year. They are great to add on to any gift, or to use as a stocking stuffer. They also make a nice co-worker or neighbor gift because who wouldn’t appreciate a hydrating lip treatment (or two!) in the winter months? The mint rush flavor is my very favorite to use in the winter because it feels so refreshing and cooling on my typically sore, chapped lips.

Beyond the quality of the products on these sets, the holiday packaging is really the icing on the cake. Whether you are simply shopping for some new beauty products for yourself, or you are starting to browse around for holiday gifts, make sure these sets from Fresh are on your list! You can find both of these sets in-store at Sephora or at!

This post was sponsored by Sephora. 


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Kassandra says · 11.10.20

Are there any skincare brands comparable to Fresh that are cruelty free? I used to use fresh almost exclusively, but am trying to now switch to using only cruelty free brands. However, I’m having trouble finding a good replacement for the Black Tea Kombucha Essence and the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Mask. Any suggestions?

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.10.20

Ahh, I love Fresh, I’m using both their tinted and nontinted lipbalm at the moment! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 11.12.20

I’m also posting this to your because your sister’s blog never lets me leave my well-written comment (Hi, Lauren!!!). I love both of your roundups, they always have some great ideas for a variety of people and they’re perfect for Secret Santa time at work! I’m a teacher, and my district just restructured, shifting a lot of people between buildings and giving my building a whole group of people I don’t know well. Both yours and Lauren’s picks will give me some goodies to choose from.

I also keep a list of random things I notice about my work colleagues throughout the year so that if I were to pick them for Secret Santa, I have some thoughts to go by. It makes me weird, but it also makes me real popular when people don’t know what to get for the person they picked;)

I’m such a sucker for gift lists. Keep them coming!

Kate says · 11.12.20

I’m glad it’s been helpful!!

Hayley says · 11.12.20

I love the Fresh Sugar lip treatments because of you!

Robbin says · 12.19.20

The gift sets looks amazing. I liked it. Thanks for sharing these tips.