Holiday Gift Guide for Kids!

I got the Opal Nugget Ice Maker and Here are My Thoughts

1. Motorola T260 Talkabout Radio     2. Digital Electronic Ferris Wheel Duck Shoot     3. Richard Scarry’s A Day at the Fire Station     4. Flybar Foam Pogo Jumper     5. NSG Archery Game Set     6. Tree Climbing Rope & Disc Swing Seat     7. Glow Light Up Sticks     8. Curious Chef Chef’s Kit     9. J-1 Smart Train Starter Set     10. Amazon Fire Kids Tablet     11. Kinetic Dominoes     12. Volcano Making Experiment Science Lab Kit     13. Janod Unicorn Stamp Kit     14. Paint by Sticker Book     15. KiwiCo STEAM Science Kit     16. Cinemood Portable Cinema     17. VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam     18. Little Tykes Inflatable Jump n’ Slide Bounce House     19. Quix Model Rocket Starter Kit     20. Prograce Kids Smartwatch     21. Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter     22. Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Baseball Pitching Machine     23. Plugo Letters Word Building Kit     24. Micro Kickboard Maxi Deluxe Pro     25. LEGO Super Mario Building Kit

Is there anything better than seeing the joy on a child’s face when they open a gift that they are excited about?! It thrills me so much.

This gift guide for kids was certainly inspired by my kids’ ages (2.5, 5, and 6) and I really tried to think about things we have and love, or items that I know my kids would get a lot of use out of.

One of the best gifts we’ve EVER gotten was the bouncy house from Amazon. We use it throughout so much of the year, and it couldn’t be easier to set up and inflate.

If you would have told me when I was younger that “glow sticks” are something that I would always keep stocked in my closet when I became a mom, I wouldn’t have believed you. These are a great way to spice up an otherwise quiet evening at home in the wintertime, and they are fun to use in the bathtub as well!

Our favorite scooters these days are Micro Kickboard. Each of my kids has one and they are used much more often than bikes.

The boys play with walkie talkies in the house a lot, and we also use them if we go to a park and the boys want to wander off to an area that is a little farther away than I’m comfortable with.

The kids are really interested in Youtube and Instagram, not only because they know that is what I do, but they see other kids making fun videos on YouTube Kids as well! This little creator cam is a fun introduction to creating videos, and I know the boys would get a kick out of it.

If you’ve been thinking about the Cinemood portable movie theater, now may be an excellent time to use my code lovesmallthings for $100 off any device! Click here to shop!

I got Beddy’s comforters for my kids a few months ago, and they still love them! If your child would enjoy a bedding upgrade, use code SMALLTHINGS for 20% off!

Lastly, we’ve been getting Kiwi Crate for years now and always enjoy it when they show up on our doorstep. Kiwi Crate is a subscription service that delivers unique projects on a monthly basis, organized by age group. As someone who loved crafts as a kid, I really enjoy seeing my boys tinker and create, and I personally love that I don’t need to go out and round up all the supplies. Use my code K8 for 50% off your first month!


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Michele says · 11.09.20

That bounce house is excellent! We got my son one for his 3rd birthday since since Legoland NY (which will only be 25 minutes from my house!) had to delay opening for a year due to COVID…definitely was a nice little splurge for hm and my 5 year old and something we can see using in the basement in the winter.

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 11.10.20

I love your recommendations! Thank you! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lauren says · 11.12.20

Thanks for the recommendations! Such great, unique ideas!

Sarah says · 11.16.20

I told my husband the same thing about glow sticks the other day! Who knew how many I would buy as an adult??! Glow stick baths are a big hit in our house 😊

Diane says · 11.19.20

Love this. Thank you! Our boys are similar ages.

Alana Greenaway says · 06.10.21

Amaze with your lovely gift ideas. I really like your gift ideas for holidays. Thank you for sharing this ideas with us.

Alicia says · 11.15.22

I am sure kids will appreciate any gift from your list! I have a few more ideas;)
P.S.: check your inbox;)