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The end of December will be my 1 year anniversary of owning my Peloton bike. It’s been a long journey to get to the point of really, truly loving this bike. But I can say now, without a doubt, I am delighted with this purchase, and I genuinely look forward to getting on to ride. I’m also really enjoying the other classes on the app which I’m pleased about because the subscription to the app is not free (though it should be if you own the bike, IMHO).

I was never really into cycling for exercise in the past, so this is really my first deep dive into using cycling as my main source of cardiovascular exercise. In the past, I did Bootcamp classes that I really enjoyed, and before that, I trained for a Sprint Triathlon so I had a nice mix of different cardio workouts.

You can read my Peloton First Impressions post here. 

You can read about my decision to keep the bike here.

Peloton has announced its newest version of the Bike, the Bike+, and while it’s a little bit tempting for a few reasons, I’m really pleased with my bike so I do not have intentions of upgrading at this time.

My Favorite Cycling Classes:

I typically take 30-45 minute cycling classes. I’ve taken a handful of 20-minute classes as well, but I just find them to be too short for my preferences. I haven’t taken an hour-long class yet but I plan to before the end of the year.

I usually look for HIIT & Hills, Pop Rides, “New Tracks” rides, or Intervals & Arms rides. The two biggest factors playing into my ride choice are music and trainer. The playlist really matters to me because I rely pretty heavily on the music giving me energy since I ride so early in the morning.

My favorite instructors are Cody Rigsby, Robin Arzon, Alex Toussaint, and Denis Morton. They all have unique energy and style, and I’m always happy in any of their classes.

My Favorite Other Classes:

Strength classes, specifically that involve weights! Adrian Williams and Jess Sims are my favorite instructors for the strength classes.

Coached outdoor runs, it’s so helpful to have a trainer in my ear while I run to tell me how to adjust pace based on the goals of that run.

My Favorite Gear:

Scoche Rhythm+ heart rate monitor – I was previously using the heart rate monitor that came with the Peloton, but I found it to not work very well, so I upgraded to this one!

Peloton cycling shoes – I got these in my normal size 9 and while they are a touch snug (which is how you want them) I find them to run true to size.

Spanx Bike Shorts with Pocket – These are my all-time favorite bike shorts. They are thin, provide nice compression, and have a pocket!

Clip-on Fan – I originally bought this to put in my stroller when I had babies, but now I’m using it on my bike screen and it’s a lifesaver for sweaty rides.

Water Bottle – I like this one so much I bought a second one!

Apple AirPods Pro – These are the headphones I use for riding. The audio on the original bike is horrible so the only way I ride, whether I’m trying to be quiet or not, is with these in my ears.

Gel Bike Seat – this has over 10k reviews and 4.5 stars!

Amazon Sports Bra – I love that this bra offers light/medium support and sort of works as a crop top as well.

Amazon bike shorts with pocket – I got the black leopard print on these shorts and love them! I got large but I wish I had bought a medium for more compression. They stay in place without sliding down and have a pocket too.


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Allison Roberts Smith says · 11.17.20

Hi Kate – Greta post. Can you also edit to add the total costs of one time purchases (bike plus these items ) compared to re-occurring purchases- like the app or subscriptions required to use the bike ? Thanks !

Jessica says · 11.17.20

Great idea with the fan! We have that exact stroller fan. Wondering if it’s scratched your screen at all being clipped on like that?

Maureen says · 11.19.20

I have mine clipped on the part that connects the screen to the bike (it hangs below – kind of upside down) so it blows up towards me and is obviously adjustable. Works great!

Jacqueline Gulvas says · 11.17.20

Love you even more! I am obsessed with my peloton! It is helping me stay calm during these last 6 months!! #jackieg26 is my LB name!

Jane raterink says · 11.17.20

Don’t forget the towel on the handlebars. I picked up cheep ones in a pack at target! And a Kleenex tucked in by the monitor cord. Chapstick in the extra spot for a water bottle. I love the bike shorts from lululemon when it’s a little warmer. Hope to catch a ride with you someday!!

Julia says · 11.17.20

Kate will have to add up the other items, but I know the peleton is current about 1900 plus the subscription if you own the bike is 39 a month . All of the other items are certainly nice to have but can be done without . I used my sister’s peleton for two years (we live super close ) with no extra features except headphones – we got ones that are great quality but plugged in . I loved it but wanted my own but just couldn’t justify the ongoing app cost . I got a Sunny magnetic wheel bike with the app- so much cheaper and the monthly cost is a fraction . I love it and use it with an old iPad – the bike is just as quiet and smooth , and I get the same experience and workout without the guilt of spending so much ! Obviously the actual Peleton is great but I didn’t find the price to be attainable for our budget .

Haley says · 11.17.20

I’m sure you will get 20 of this comment but according to Pelo: “ How much does the Peloton Digital Membership cost? The Peloton Digital Membership costs $12.99 per month plus tax. For Peloton Bike and Peloton Tread owners, access to the Peloton App is included in your Peloton All-Access Membership.”

Apple will keep charging for it if you don’t cancel your subscription, though. 😑

Nicole MacPherson says · 11.18.20

Love this! I love my Peloton so much; my faves are Leanne, Alex, and Kendall. Actually I like all of the instructors but those are my go-tos. Thanks for all these links!

Michele says · 11.18.20

Unrelated, but what’s behind the bike in that pic? Is that a built in bed/couch situation? If not, what is it? I’m intrigued..l

Kate says · 11.18.20

HVAC ducting runs along that wall so I’m sure the builder just put in the bench seat to make it functional. So, I don’t know the exact intention because I didn’t build the house, but that is my best guess!

Stephanie McMacken says · 12.01.20

I have been struggling with my peloton heart rate monitor too and was about to buy this one that you recommended. Can you please confirm whether this syncs with your bike so that you can see your hr on the screen while riding?

Kate says · 12.01.20

Yes it does!

Maria Crain says · 12.09.20

I have the fan as well and love it! Thank you for the other recommendations. The Peloton is soooo worth it!

Natalie says · 12.29.20

Do you allow followers on Peloton? I’m new to the whole thing and wondering about how you connect with others on the bike. I’ve read your posts and taken lots of your advice about gear.

Katelyn says · 01.04.21

Hi Kate! I love that you have so much info on the bike here. Do you have your bike on carpet? I noticed you have a mat. Is that the mat that comes with the “essentials” package, or did you buy it separately? I just ordered one and I’m so excited, but want to make sure I’m ready for it when it comes!

Kate says · 01.05.21

it is the mat that comes with the essentials package 🙂

Anna says · 01.13.21

Great post. I loved my spinning classes in the gym but due to coronal unfortunately no longer an option. Peloton is pricey but has class. I think I’m going to give it a try.

Erika says · 02.01.21

I’ve looked everywhere and cannot find or remember your username to connect on the Peloton app. Would you mind providing it again?? Thank you!!

Kate says · 02.01.21

Yes! its K8bryan !

cbd powder says · 04.02.21

Thanks for the motivation post! This is especially useful now, before the summer season! I have a treadmill at home, and it’s not so easy to force myself to go on it, but sometimes when I see that people are doing it at home and are not lazy, it motivates me, and all the more so, since I have been following you for a long time … Of course, my path is not as steep as your device, but it will work too))) So thanks for sharing this experience, I think you will inspire me not to start doing sports!

Jenelle Beckham says · 08.08.22

Hey there! Just purchased the Bike+ and was wondering what your friend name is on there so I can look you up? Thanks and God bless!