Am I Keeping the Peloton Bike?


The short answer is: yes! 

In case you missed it, my impression of the Peloton Bike two weeks into owning it is here! Click to read!

I bought the bike with the full intention of using it a ton during the 30-day trial period so I could make a well-informed decision on whether or not it was going to be right for me. I’ve had it for 6 weeks and done 30 rides! I’ve done a few of the other classes offered in the app as well, but my focus for January was solely on the bike!

I really love the convenience of walking up to my office and getting a good work out in so easily. Part of my issue with driving to the gym I was at prior was the time wasted getting there. In this season, I need efficiency more than anything.

My favorite parts of the bike are having the trainer right in front of you, the amount of pre-recorded classes to choose from, the quality of the bike itself, and how quiet it is. I usually use headphones to listen while I do a class and those always link seamlessly via Bluetooth.

My biggest disappointment is that there aren’t as many live classes during the specific time frame I like to work out as I thought there would be. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot offered, but I was hoping to find 3-4 LIVE classes to choose from in the 5:00a or 6:00a hour. But at this time, there is only one class offered at a certain time slot and those time slots vary. So, it’s rare for me to do a live class (in fact, I think I’ve only done 2).

I love the camaraderie of giving high fives to the other “on-demand” riders (as we are called) in the classes I am in. I would love to find a way to connect with other riders that are on my schedule. There are a handful of Peloton Facebook groups but they are enormous! I wouldn’t even know where to start in finding an “on-demand” group that rides together.

My other note is that the Peloton heart rate monitor is finicky. I’ve read that water can help it settle into your upper midsection so it’ll connect and start tracking, but that is even touch-and-go for me. I really count on that heart rate monitor to work so I know that the number of calories burned is accurate.

I am keeping the bike but I’d be lying if I didn’t share that I’ve had to fight a tiny bit of boredom. As a highly social person who loved the competition of working out in person with other women, I expected this. I still love cycling and am keeping the bike, but I know myself well enough to know I will need to infuse some variety into my workouts to not get burned out of cycling.

If you are considering it and are able to give it a shot during the 30-day trial, I’d tell you to do so! I’m happy to answer questions you may have in the comments here. Please note that I answered a few more questions on the first post I wrote so be sure to check there before you submit any other questions here!

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  1. Tara Warren says
    Posted February 11, 2020

    Hi Kate! I’m a new Peloton bike owner as well, and do my rides on demand between 5 and 6am…and I’m a local NC rider as well! I’d love to get your username so I could connect with you during rides and offline for motivation. I love your blog and have been a longtime reader. Keep up the great work!

    • Tara says
      Posted February 11, 2020

      And I should have said that my username is SingingMomma. 🙂

      • Karen says
        Posted February 11, 2020

        Tara, I am local in NC as well! My user name is KPinApex and generally ride between 5:15am and 6am Monday through Friday!

  2. Tracy says
    Posted February 11, 2020

    Hi Kate! Was wondering if you took body measurements and weighed prior to starting and if you can see a difference overall? Do you feel better physically, as in notice better health? I am highly considering one so reading your post truly helps. Thank you!

    • Melissa says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      Same question here!

    • Kate says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      I did, and I’m tracking my weight. I haven’t seen a dramatic drop in my weight loss, but I was also working out pretty intensely before. I feel like my stamina has increased dramatically (I’m actually curious to go on a run when the weather is nice to see how my cardiovascular health is right now). My legs feel stronger and smaller, but it’s not as if I quickly shed a bunch of pounds. If I push myself on a 30 minute class I can burn over 300 calories.

  3. Posted February 11, 2020

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂 I used to have a cheap non-branded bike at home but I got bored of it so quick – I’m definitely the kind of person who needs to be in a social setting to be motivated to exercise! ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Alison says
    Posted February 11, 2020

    Hi Kate – you can find a list of various Peloton groups at the link below.

    There are hundreds of groups for various interests. One you find a group you like, I am sure you will find folks that like to ride at the time that you do!

  5. Lynn says
    Posted February 11, 2020

    Like there’s was any doubt whether you’d pack it up and return it. Unlikely!

  6. Karen says
    Posted February 11, 2020

    I have a Peloton (KPinApex) and LOVE it! I am at almost 350 rides. I ride at the same time as you. I generally start a 30 minute on demand at 5:15am. I will follow this up with a 15 minute ride and 10 minute arm toning. I will look for you!

  7. Analeisa Latham says
    Posted February 11, 2020

    I ride at that time and have felt the same about live classes and social aspect of it. I’d love to find you there! ajdlatham

  8. Posted February 12, 2020

    I have thought about it, but we had a bike and just didn’t use it. But thanks for that feedback!

  9. elisa says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    I appreciate your honest review. I am over here in Chapel Hill and we have NO decent gyms. I have been on the fence about getting the Peloton, I think I am going to pull the plug!

  10. Candace Simourian says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    I’ve had the bike for two years and this last January I decided to do the January challenge and be of that I decided to try other classes on the app. I’m not a runner but chose a “beginning” running class (they have both indoor running and outdoor running and walking), anyway these running classes have gotten me to do more than the me and I’ve started running a bit now as well as biking. It’s really gotten me out of my comfort zone and I’ve noticed my body starting to change with the added exercise. So I strongly suggest trying all their different options on the app. Like I’ve said I’ve had the bike for two years and I’m just now using the other options on the app.

    • Kate says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      Great to hear!

  11. Julianne says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    What made you choose the bike over the treadmill?

    • Kate says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      I’m really not much of a runner!

  12. Leah says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    Hi Kate! I don’t have a ton of space but I’d like to give the bike a try. How much space does it take up?? Could it fit in a large walk in closet? Does it make noise that could disturb people on the floor below?

    • Kate says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      It is very quiet! The actual dimensions are on the website, so check there for specifics! It may be able to fit in the closet, yes!

    • Erica says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      We have a Peloton in our walk-in closet and love it there! It’s out of the way (and isn’t a climbing temptation for our two young boys. ☺️)

  13. Mary says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    Did you put your bike and mat directly on carpet? Is it high pile carpet? The lady at Peloton recommended putting a thin sheet of plywood down between the mat and the carpet. What are your thought?

    • Kate says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      I got a mat, similar to floor you’d find at the gym to put under my bike.

  14. Lauren says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    If you’re looking for a smaller group to join, try the Peloton 6am mamas group – we all ride in the 5am/6am range and many plan their rides together the night before. As far as Peloton groups go, it is much smaller and lots of fun!

  15. Nicola says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    Why not start your own group with your followers/readers?

    • Kate says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      I thought about it but I don’t have a lot of time to manage it, so I’d rather join an existing group!

  16. Zoey says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    What were the padded shorts that you used?

    • Kate says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      I don’t use padded shorts. I use a gel seat on the saddle that I’ve had for years!

  17. Meaghan Rowe says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    I’m glad you like your bike! I recently got my peloton as well and I’m kind of obsessed with it. I’d also love to see more 5:00 or 5:30am classes, preferably with Robin or Ally Love who are my current favorite instructors. I’ve only done one live ride and felt so freaking motivated I want to do more! My screen name is MyTimeToShineNH if you want to follow me 😊

  18. Michele says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    Just got ours and I’d love to cycle with you…. Hokiewife412. I’ll be an early morning gal before my toddlers wake up!

    Also I think you could easily start a peloton group with all of your followers…. just tell us when!!

    • Sarah says
      Posted February 12, 2020

      I got one in October 2019 and love it! I do mainly on-demand rides, but try to catch Sundays with Love live if I can. I agree there could be a group with just your followers if you made one. Best of luck on your journey and hope to see you on the bike soon!

  19. Laura says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    Fellow Pelotoner here (LB name: LyonTamER). I’ve heard the Peloton HR monitor isn’t great. Do you know if you download the BlueHeart app, you can use your Apple watch as the HR monitor? Its a free app but I think there’s a fee if you want to get rid of ads. It’s a bit finicky to setup but works great!

  20. Emily says
    Posted February 12, 2020

    I’d get a Apple Watch ⌚️. You can do exercise apps on your watch that syncs to your phone/Mac.

  21. Rachel says
    Posted February 13, 2020

    I’ve ridden a Peloton a few times in the hotel gym when I’m traveling. It was a great workout! I’m very intrigued by Peloton, but just cannot justify the price. We have two kids and one is getting braces next week – costs more than a Peloton, but not much…ha!

    I have even thought there may be a market when people start selling gently used Pelotons. Surely, right?

    Enjoyed the review!

  22. Mary says
    Posted February 14, 2020

    Heart Rate Monitor: I use the Myzone MZ-3 wearable heart rate monitor that goes around your torso. I have used it for years now and I love it. It connects seamlessly with my Peloton via bluetooth and it works great! The app is great too! You can follow other Myzone users as well and compete that way as well. It displays your heart rate and effort on the Peloton screen also. I do notice it connects much quicker and doesn’t get interrupted as long as you wet the 2 sensors prior to putting it on (I just lick my fingers and wipe it across the sensors! My hands are clean prior to that!)

    • Mary says
      Posted February 14, 2020

      My username is DonutsNCoconuts and I’d love some followers! 🙂

  23. Karlie says
    Posted February 16, 2020

    Hi Kate!! I work out around the same time and my peloton username is karliekarish ! I love finding people who love the peloton too!!

  24. Adriane says
    Posted June 26, 2020

    Hi Kate! I’m looking to splurge on myself this Christmas and get a bike!! I’ve read through both your posts about the Peloton but was wondering, did you look into any other bikes at the time?

  25. Erin says
    Posted August 23, 2020

    Hi! What’s your username again so I can follow you on the Peloton!

    • Kate says
      Posted August 24, 2020

      It’s K8bryan!

  26. Amanda says
    Posted December 19, 2020

    Hi Kate,
    I have had my Peloton for almost 4 years. My husband and I bought it as an anniversary gift for each other. While the price tag was high, we looked at is as an investment and have never regretted the decision. Peloton is crushing it with new content. While there is not a lot of live rides currently, I will say that is not typically the case. (All things COVID.) The instructors are amazing, inspirational, funny, and so supportive of all members within the community. Looking forward to seeing you on the LB! (#Teacherlove)

  27. Coury says
    Posted January 8, 2021

    Thanks for giving your experience with the Peloton! Having young kids it’s hard to find the time to workout but I thought if I got the Peloton it would be easier to fit in classes at home. My husband and I are considering trying one, but can’t decide if the new Bike+ is worth the extra cost. I used to love cardio/strength classes at the gym, so I’m wondering if then Bike+ options would benefit those other workout options or if the regular bike is just fine. Would love your thoughts on whether if you had the chance, would you want to upgrade or stick with the bike you have? Also, did you go check out the bike firsthand before ordering (I live near Raleigh and I know Southpoint has a small space for demo). Just trying not to go to too many places we don’t have to right now.