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Button-less Pants for Fall

I love these pretty tassel earrings from Elisabeth Ashlie. These are my 3rd pair! I have a soft purple, blue, and now this black.

Peloton announced details about their newest bike and tread.

I’ve shared a few posts about my experience with the Peloton bike here on the blog (You can read my first impression of the bike here, and my post about deciding to keep the bike here!). I talk about it plenty on IG Stories but wanted to share a little bit more here about my favorite instructors and other non-cycling classes.

The instructors I’ve taken the most classes with is Cody. I feed off of his energy, love that I’m often laughing during the class, and often find myself being pushed hard to do my best. He’s fun, can be challenging, and generally has great energy.

If I need my butt kicked I’ll take an Alex Toussaint class, or something with Ally Love. Alex is gritty and tough, but still has a really inviting vibe and infectious joy. He seems like a fun guy to be around, and he pushes me really hard in his classes. Ally is unsuspectingly hard. She’s small but mighty, and her Tabata classes will kill you dead.

Robin Arzon is one of my favorites for a hard ride, motivational talking, and overall happiness. I’ve taken a few outdoor runs with her as well and really enjoy those.

When it comes to strength, I really enjoy Jess Sims and Adrian. Both instructors will push you and I like that they don’t waste time with too many breaks.

Denis is an instructor that I didn’t love at first, but his vibe is growing on me. He’s consistent, strong, and really encourages you to try your hardest on your own.

And now for some other links + loves:

Merrick broke down her weekly haircare routine on this post! 

If you have freshly picked apples near you, make some apple fritters! 

This looks like a beautiful eyeshadow palette for fall/winter.

#5 on this roundup of cute clothes from Walmart by Lauren has caught my eye as well! 

This long sweater looks perfect for pairing with leggings.

A really really cute leopard dress!

I surprised myself and bought this blue bag for fall! I thought the color looked beautiful against camel or grey, and I wear a lot of those colors in the fall and winter!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.11.20

Thanks for the links! Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jen says · 09.13.20

Your posts are always so helpful and fun. Thank you!!!

Nicole MacPherson says · 09.15.20

Oooh, Peloton talk! I love my Peloton, my fave instructors are Leanne and Sam, but I really like Denis too.