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Kate’s Lasagna

CHEERS, we have made it to Friday!

If I’m totally honest, I feel like I’m reeling from summer abruptly ending when David started school this week. So far it’s been a very smooth transition considering these Covid-19 times. Luke will begin homeschool next week and I’m excited to use our new creative corner for school!

I made lasagna at the beginning of this week and Justin and I finally finished the last of the leftovers last night. It’s such an easy recipe and can feed a crowd!

I shared a few recent Amazon finds on stories, but in case you missed it I’ll link them for you below.

Vince Camuto Kestal Heeled Sandal – I have a similar pair to these that already get a ton of wear. I love a block heel for comfort when walking or standing (or dancing!) and the “cage” aspect to these sandals makes them feel a little edgy but still flattering and trendy.

Goodthreads Cargo Jacket – I love the interior drawstring that gives the jacket a little bit of shape. I rolled the sleeves up a bit and popped the collar to make it feel casual and easy.

Vince Women’s Sneaker – I have a pair of these in white that I wear ALL the time, and this grey pair is great for kicking it on the weekend.

Z Supply Weekender – This is a great “throw on” shirt over leggings because it covers your butt in the back!

In other news, I shared on stories last week that I finished my book! I read “The Guest List” by Lucy Foley and HOLY SUSPENSE I ripped through this book. It’s a twisty murder mystery and I tore through the last few chapters in one sitting.

Finally, I shared on IG stories how I recover my hair from a sweaty workout! You can watch the clips in my “Sweaty Hair Fix” highlight!

I hope you have a nice weekend!



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Rebecca Dale says · 08.21.20

I finally got ‘The Guest List’ in from the library and currently working my way through it. So excited to get into it further and see how it ends given your rave review!

Angela says · 08.21.20

We’re homeschooling our oldest this year too due to covid, not looking forward to it!

Elle says · 08.21.20

Ooo, that book sounds so good! I’ve been on a roll reading lots of suspense thrillers this summer. I highly recommend “I Let You Go” by Claire MacKintosh, huge twist at the end!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 08.21.20

Have a great weekend, Kate! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michelle P says · 08.21.20

We will need a Kate review of these clips!

Sarah Anderson says · 08.22.20

Oh its beautiful, thanks fo sharing your journey with us …

Jessica says · 08.23.20

I was kind of hoping this post would have more information on that beautiful board in the pictures! Haha I’ll have to go back and search to see if you have other posts on charcuterie. Love following you!

Jessica says · 08.25.20

Based on your IG I read the Guest List, Please always share great reads! It made my weekend to love a book so much!

Maria says · 08.25.20

I like this post very much!

Sally says · 08.26.20

Love your blog! I’m a long time follower and love your instagram stories.

Quick question, when David and Luke were really little, how did you keep your house so clean and yourself put together? I have an almost 3 year, VERY busy little girl and an almost 6 month old baby boy. I find myself going constantly to do dishes, put away laundry and pick up toys/mess. If I’m cleaning a bathroom, the older one is pulling out toys and building a fort out of pillows in the living room. If I ever have a few hours of not picking up, it piles up terribly. My husband works all day and just wants to relax when he is done (and I don’t blame him). Any advice and encouragement would be so welcome!