Is Humidity Ruining Your Hair and Makeup? Try These.

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Nothing can ruin freshly styled hair or a full face of makeup quite like humidity can. And the humidity in North Carolina is intense all summer long. Over the years, I’ve been forced to figure out some of the best ways for managing humidity and still maintaining your hairstyle + makeup.


Humidity can cause frizz and unwanted, uneven volume OR it can totally weigh down and melt your hair. In general, my hair melts in humidity, so a lot of my choices for combatting the negative effects of humidity are done in order to keep my hair from completely deflating and looking heavy in the heat.

One. Sometimes, the least amount of product the better, especially if humidity makes your hair flat. The goal is to keep your hands out of your hair so try to use just enough product for the desired result, set your hair in place, and then keep your hands off of it!

Two. If you are fighting frizz, use a cream-based product before you blow-dry. This is usually heavy enough to add a bit of weight and hold to the airy flyaways.

Three. If all else fails, spray a toothbrush with some hairspray and comb the flyaways around your face and part down. The small bristles shouldn’t affect your style too much, and the hairspray should hold everything in place!

Amika’s The Shield is my favorite aerosol product to spray on my styled hair before I finish with hairspray. Used on straight or curled hair, it’s a big help to keep frizz at bay without adding weight to the hair for those who like volume.

Virtue’s Create Lifting Powder is my choice for adding thickness and bulk without loading up on a texture spray. I love texture spray, don’t get me wrong, but on a humid day, I find that a little powder at my roots is enough to add a “pop” to the hair without coating it too much.

Not pictured, but worth mentioning, is Kenra Volume 25 hairspray. It fights humidity, offers a forgiving but firm hold to the hair, and is one of my very favorite hairsprays!


When it comes to makeup, use a makeup primer that you love and set your makeup with a setting spray. Urban Decay’s All Nighter is one of the strongest, most effective setting sprays I’ve used when it comes to maintaining your makeup in humidity.


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Hilary says · 07.10.20

Do the frizz-fighting products always need to be applied before heat styling? I usually air-dry my hair, but I’m also dealing with southern humidity that makes my hair puffy. Is there anything I can apply in the morning on dry hair? Or something I could just run a flat iron over?

Michelle says · 07.12.20

I can’t speak for any other anti-frizz sprays but I personally have used The Shield by Amika for several years now and it definitely works best if used before heat styling—Amika themselves say it is heat activated and must be used before using a hair dryer, straightener, or curler in order for it to actually work.

Ashley says · 07.10.20

Love Amika and Kenra products! Thanks for these awesome tips! It’s been terrible humid here all week.

Jen says · 07.10.20

I found an old post where you recommended Redken Slim Supreme. That product has since been discontinued. Could you recommend something similar to help with flat ironing hair?

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.10.20

I need to try these products out! It’s horribly humid in Hong Kong! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sharon says · 07.20.20

Any recommendations for naturally fine, curly hair that puffs up with frizz in the humidity?

Natalie Ann Redman says · 08.03.20

I need to try the Amika range!

Lizzy Varner says · 01.03.21

Do you have a link that you order this humidity spray from for your hair? I live in Northwest Arkansas and the humidity here is horrible in the summers!