A Summer Beauty Prep List

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Summer is here and no one is happier about it than me! A warm sunny day is one of my favorite things, and in anticipation of summer, I thought I’d round up a handful of applicable posts and information here.

Bodycare + SPF:

A tan from a bottle is the safest way to get some color this summer, and you can find my posts about my Self-Tanning products below:

Tried and True Self-Tanning Products

A few Updated Self-Tanning Product Reviews!

Before you use a self-tanning product, it’s important to exfoliate your body. I bought the Coconut Crush Scrub recently and really love it. Along the same lines, it’s important to shave your legs before applying a tanning product, and my favorite razor is the Billie razor.

If you are going to be outside, watch this video to see my favorite SPF products! I truly cannot say enough great things about the Supergoop Sunstick. It’s the easiest way to apply SPF to my kids’ faces (and body, but we usually only use it on their faces). A makeup setting mist with SPF is great for quickly adding more protection to your face without rubbing your makeup off.

I also just recently learned about this line of SPF without any noticeable residue called Black Girl Sunscreen.

I just picked up a cap from Target to wear when I want the sun out of my eyes, and I also have a visor very similar to this one that I’ll throw on when my hair is up in a messy bun.

A lotion with Aloe is ideal to soothe and hydrate skin after you’ve been in the sun, this one by Sunbum looks perfect.


Sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater are all rough on hair, so here are a few tips and product suggestions for maintaining the integrity of your hair during the summer.

A product like Soleil Nourishing After Sun Hair Cream is perfect for restoring shine, providing UV protection and conditioning hair before and after being in the sun. I’d throw something like this in my pool or beach bag and apply it into the mid-shaft to ends of my hair whenever my hair is wet or whenever I’m reapplying sunscreen. It can also be used as a styling product to assist in reducing frizz!

Sunbum has a scalp + hair mist with SPF 30 which is the best way to avoid those painful scalp burns! And Supergoop makes a powder SPF for parts and hairlines to prevent burns as well.

If you feel like your hair is full of leftover product, or layered with saltwater residue, consider adding in a clarifying or purifying shampoo to your routine. Make sure that it doesn’t strip your hair color, and only use it about once a week.

Looking for a new hairstyle? Here are two very simple summer hairstyle tutorials!

If you are blonde and find your hair to be looking brassy or drab, try incorporating a purple shampoo in order to cut out the golden tones to your hair. I’ve been loving my Function of Beauty duo, but I have more recommendations for purple haircare products for blondes in this post.


Nothing beats a bright, colorful manicure in the summer. I love OPI’s Cajun Shrimp or Strawberry Margarita on my toenails. On my fingernails, I typically opt for something more neutral like Essie Gel Couture in Fairy Tailor, but I also recently tried Londontown Lakur in Summer Fling and loved it for a bright pink!

This post and video will give you confidence when doing your own nails at home.

And make sure you aren’t making these manicure mistakes!


One of the best and easiest ways to get your skin to glow and look healthy is to introduce a vitamin c serum to your routine. I’ve been using Ole Henricksen Banana Bright Vitamin C Serum for the past several weeks and absolutely love it. My skin looks radiant and healthy!

SPF can sometimes feel heavy and clogging on the face sometimes, so a pore detoxing mask would be good to use once a week.

Nothing is more uncomfortable than sweating off a full face of makeup, so if you want to skip foundation altogether, just use a cream blush on your cheeks for a touch of color. I’ve been loving Strawberry Drip by Fenty, and have loved NARS Orgasm liquid blush for years. On the drugstore end, Pixi On-The-Glow blush looks like a perfect pink!

For a summer-inspired makeup look, watch this!

I hope this list was helpful for you, and you feel ready to take on a fun and relaxing summer.


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Brenda says · 06.09.20

I saw you mentioned that the Billie razor is your favorite. I keep seeing people mention that they really like the Billie razor & the only thing holding me back from trying it is the subscription you’re automatically signed up for when you order one (I know you can cancel, but I just HATE the concept of subscription services because I want to buy it when I am ready to buy it & not have it sent automatically. It’s too easy to forget about it & spend $ I don’t want to spend.). I would love to know more about why it’s your favorite.

Kate says · 06.09.20

Sure! It’s the smoothest shave I’ve ever gotten. I like the subscription because it sends the new blades, and you can choose the frequency of them being mailed!

Brenda says · 06.09.20

Thanks for your thoughts!

Hilary says · 06.10.20

Hey Brenda-

I’m using the Billie razor, and I, too, love how smooth it is! It’s the only subscription product I have, but you can choose how often it mails (like every 3 months if you wanted!). I find that I actually don’t change my razors enough, so this is a good reminder that I should probably be changing my blade more than I do.

Brenda says · 06.10.20

Thanks Hillary! I probably don’t change my out razors often enough either; that’s a good point.

Amy says · 06.09.20

Hi! Could you share the link for the hat you mentioned? It seems like both links take you to the visor. Thanks!!

Kate says · 06.09.20

Sorry about that! I will update asap!

Felicia Williams says · 06.09.20

K-A-T-E!! Are you reading my diary! I’ve had expense SPF in my Sephora cart for weeks trying to find one that is “black girl friendly”! As soon as I saw your post today , I ran to Target to get your recommendation! Ironically the product is named Black Girl Sunscreen and was at the very front of the store! It’s great! No smell, no white cast, dewy finish! LOVE!! Fingers crossed no acne breakouts. Any ideas why sunscreen does that!? Thank you so much!!

PS. I’ve always thought your content was universal and ethnically diverse, but today’s post took it to a whole new level of gratitude! ❤️

Kate says · 06.09.20

I’m so glad to read this comment! Thank you for sharing and I’m happy to help! I appreciate the encouragement and support!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.10.20

Love this list! All the essentials in one place! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 06.10.20

I agree that sweating through foundation is uncomfortable. Have you done a tutorial on foundation less makeup that you could link to? I know that sounds like a duh thing, like “just don’t put it on,” but for those of us who are cosmetically-challenged, anything different feels intimidating!

Kate says · 06.10.20

That’s a great idea for a future post!

alisha says · 06.10.20

Love this post, full of essentials!

Alisha x |https://www.motherhoodandi.com/2020/05/postnataldepressionfinallyfeeling.html

Courtney says · 06.10.20

Love this list! I’m wondering if you also have a recommendation for a leave in hair mask. In the summer I like to take a shower and put in a leave in hair mask and pile my wet hair into a messy bun and go about my day and then wash it out when I take a shower at night.

Kass says · 06.10.20

Sun Bum is my go-to brand for sunscreen, I like it even more than most expensive brands I’ve tried. I’ll have to check out the scalp spray and after sun lotion ASAP!

Sarah says · 06.17.20

Love the glasses you wearing. Can you tell me where you bought them? Thank you.

Angeline's Secret says · 06.25.20

Thank you for this perfect post!