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It’s been an emotional week. A week filled with learning and praying and talking and trying to sort through the racism and social injustice that is still rampant in our country. I shared a few thoughts on Instagram but didn’t want to neglect to say something here too. You can read my Instagram post here. And a follow-up post as well.

Someone in the comments of my first post suggested sharing more black-owned beauty brands and I loved that idea. There is much, much more to do than just that (of course), but I wanted to share what a great idea that was and I am making a conscientious effort to do that. The first that came to mind, after recently falling in love with the Strawberry Dip cream blush, is Fenty. I’ve tried a handful of cosmetics from that line and really like them!

I’ll continue to be sharing resources and more on the site and social channels, but if you want to do your own research this is a great list of black-owned businesses organized by type.

I hope the conversation about equality and valuing all people regardless of their race continues, and I want you to know that that dialogue is going to be present amongst the content you are also used to seeing from me. It’s not a separate, one-time message. . . it must become a regular, usual part of my/our life in order for change to happen.

On a different note, we will be FINISHED with homeschool next week! I must admit that Justin and I are counting down the days even more than the kids!

David is starting a new school in the fall and he’s been very open about sharing his fear about going to a new school. He regularly tells me that he wants to do home school forever because he’s nervous about the new school. As much as that hurts me to hear, I’m so thankful he knows how to clearly express himself and the things he’s nervous about. We will prep him during the summer, and I’m certain he will do great once he gets over the hump of the newness.

Meanwhile, Luke will be attending David’s old school and is very excited. He talks a lot about how he wants to see his friends from pre-school but I have to tell him that a lot of them are going to different schools. It makes me sad to think of all the time he lost with a teacher that he loved and his classmates at preschool, but I also am looking so forward to seeing him experience Kindergarten! We have a lot to look forward to in the fall, and I’m very thankful to have a summer together as a family to prepare for it!

I feel like I just gave birth to these boys yesterday, so the fact that I’m discussing first grade and kindergarten is blowing my mind.

A few other links + loves from around the web…

A reader sent me info about this product: Such a cool applicator brush that is like an extension of your fingertips.

I saw this on Kendi Everyday and placed it in my cart immediately.

I love Merrick’s style and she just launched a Summer Style Guide!

Recently was told about this website: An all-natural marketplace for by Black Artisans. 

This is such a great set of hair accessories by Kitsch.

I bought these lounge pants recently and found them to be so comfortable and easy to wear. I think the pockets kind of make them versatile as well, meaning you could dress them up with a tank and cute sandals too!

I’ve been wearing more tanks and tops that require a racerback bra, and while I have one that I really like, I’ve also just purchased these clips that convert regular bra straps to racerback without too much pulling.

I hope you are able to find some bit of rest or respite this weekend, in whatever way that may look like for you.


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Meredith C says · 06.05.20

I haven’t been on stories much so maybe you explained it there, but I’m curious why David and Luke are going to separate schools. Please don’t answer if you’re not comfortable! I just remember thinking the tracking out (??) sounded soo hard last year!

Kate says · 06.05.20

Luke didn’t get in to Davids new school due to the volume of kids attempting to get it.

Rena says · 06.05.20

Now I need this romper, too!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Gayle Gorman says · 06.05.20

ALL lives matter!!

Staci says · 06.05.20

No, ALL lives do not matter UNTIL Black Lives Matter. You are missing the point. Please educate yourself. Here’s a place to start:

Kate, here is a good resource on talking to children about racism:

KB says · 06.07.20

The all lives matter movement/hashtag was started by a white supremacy group just so you know. I get how people think it’s a positive message, but it really dismisses the racism issue. It’s like showing up to a breast cancer event and saying “all cancers matter.” Yes of course they do, but that’s not the issue at time. They never said “only black lives matter” they are saying “we matter too.” For a long time and still sometimes now “all” in this country meant “all white people.”

Cheryl says · 06.10.20

Thank you. As a POC I appreciate your courage and honesty. I have enjoyed your posts for years.

Bonnie says · 06.05.20

Which racerback bra do you like? I read your “bra” post but didn’t see that option. Thank you!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.05.20

Thanks for the links! Have a great weekend, Kate! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kaitlyn says · 06.05.20

That’s cute that he’s enjoying homeschool! I think change is always scary. Even as an adult, change is still uncomfortable. It’s definitely been an emotional week and I can only hope that this finally sparks the change we need to move forward because I don’t want to keep re-living this inhumane chapter of history. I demand better for our generation and our children’s generation. Like you said, I believe we have to keep the conversation going to keep pressing for change. It’s beautiful to see how united everyone is the wake of such a tragic event, but I hope we spark permanent change and justice.

Kaitlyn | Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

S. Stevenson says · 06.05.20

Gosh- I hope now you are going to showcase Asian owned companies, and Hispanic, etc. – You said you weren’t going to make your channel about anything else and you did. After “YEARS” of following you, I’m going to step away. Not opposed to brands of makeup from different ethnic groups. My immediate family is multi-racial and I am challenged to find the right make-up for my girls. I just don’t want to come to your blog for “politically driven statements” I’ll watch the news for that.

KB says · 06.07.20

How is addressing racism and talking about diversity a political statement?

Danielle says · 06.11.20

Black people are subject to racism . That’s an unfortunate fact. To you it’s a matter of politics, but to informed individuals, it’s a matter of civil rights. If you were black, this would undoubtedly be something you would care about.

Hannah says · 06.07.20

Hi Kate
Love your blog, wish you’d also do more tutorials and product recommendations for different textures of hair .

Kate says · 06.07.20

Great links! Thanks for sharing!


Jennyws says · 06.07.20

I really appreciate the fact that you care about people but I am very confused. It seems to be racist, in itself, to support companies simply because they are owned by blacks. That seems racist which is what everyone is saying is wrong with society. How do I know what those company owners are like as people? What are the ethics of the company? Do they give back? Do they use environmentally sound practices? Killing of unarmed blacks was down 75% this year. Killing of police was up 30% according to the Washington Post. So why are we not doing anything for them?

STEPHANIE SANDERS says · 06.08.20

Thank you Jenny for saying what I was thinking 100%!

Jaime says · 06.08.20

Hi Jenny, I’m a bit confused by your comment. I understand what you mean about not knowing the individual ethics of the people behind black-owned companies. I think the broader principle is to support businesses owned by non-white citizens, as they have been economically disadvantaged all throughout America’s history. To your point about killing of police going up 30% this year, what do you think Kate could do to support policemen on her hair/beauty/lifestyle blog? I don’t think this type of conversation belongs on her blog, but I do think that police reform is necessary in the US. We can value our police by making the force more just and equitable for all.

Allison says · 06.08.20

White-owned businesses have a built-in privilege. They’re more likely to be given a loan, for example, compared to a Black-owned business. So it’s not racist to try to correct that imbalance by deliberately buying from Black-owner businesses—it’s anti-racist.

KL says · 06.09.20

Precisely. And I wonder how much benefit of the doubt people give white owned companies all the time. How often do propels ask, hmm, are the owners of these white companies good people? Rarely, I’d venture.

Megan says · 06.09.20

Interestingly enough, I don’t see these same questions being asked when influencers are promoting women-owned businesses. Racism is rooted in the belief that a certain race is superior, and that belief is used explicitly and implicitly to keep the “inferior” race down. Our country’s history of racism is broad and deep, and it continues today. That means Black business owners have to overcome even more hurdles to success than white business owners based soley on the color of their skin. I’m sure there are Black businesses that give back to their communities and/or use environmentally-sound practices. Have you criticized Kate for promoting fast fashion? What about Amazon? The fast fashion industry is the antithesis of environmentally-sound, and Amazon has a well-known history of treating its employees terribly. In the end, it’s up to us consumers to support businesses that align with our beliefs, but I appreciate being introduced to voices I’ve never heard before.

Claire says · 06.08.20

Love everything about this post. Thank you for being someone who cares about lasting change and for being willing to make changes of your own to contribute to that picture ❤️

Helena says · 06.08.20

*Strawberry Drip (it’s my favorite shade!)