Summer Dresses under $50

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I adore the neckline of this little black dress. It’s an a-line cut that is so easy to wear, and so flattering for many body types. And at $35, it’s such a great price. The fabric is ribbed and slightly on the thicker side so the dress doesn’t require any kind of shape-wear like some thinner dresses do.

Your summer plans may be a bit derailed, but after dressing up a little bit for an anniversary dinner at home with Justin, I’d like to gently remind you to pull a dress out of your closet every once in a while. It’s a nice change from loungewear, and if you are anything like me, your outfit can affect your mood.

no. one.    no. two.    no. three.    no. four.    no. five.    no. six.    no. seven.    no. eight. (I’m wearing this dress in the photos above)

A few pretty shoe options for summer dresses are these heeled sandals by Sole Society. The Splendid Meli slide sandals are a little more low profile, but still simple enough to pair with nearly any summer dress. I still have and wear the Madewell Kiera block heel sandals that I bought a few summers ago. Target had a similar version as well with an ankle strap that was just as comfortable as the Madewell ones too.

You cannot beat a simple straw bag for summer, and something like this round straw bag could easily work with any of the dress options I shared above.


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Michele says · 06.04.20

Summer dresses are amazing! Even the most casual of casual options look and feel so much more put together than any tops and bottoms combo. Not having to coordinate two pieces together? Sign me up!

Any chance you could do a brows tutorial? Yours look totally natural and mine look like a toddler just discovered Sharpies.

Sarah says · 06.04.20

Gorgeous! Thanks for the round up!

Heather says · 06.04.20

In the spirit of being more inclusive across the board, it would be great to see you list some plus size options in your round ups. Seems like it would be beneficial for your readers and also you in terms of affiliate links.

Courtney says · 06.04.20

I would love this!

Julie says · 06.04.20

Hi Kate,
I love your earrings. I like both pairs. Can you tell me where you found them?

Heidi says · 06.04.20

Did you mean neck line in your first sentence?

Ashley says · 06.04.20

I love being able to throw on a dress and go! These are great picks. I especially love 1 and 6! I think a white eyelet dress should be a staple, and H&M has really reasonable prices!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.04.20

Um, so cute! I love dress number seven! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jen Walton says · 06.04.20

I really like your blog and all of your work–I have gotten so many ideas from you! I know you have posted some work on Instagram regarding BLM, but I wish you would also use your blog platform to help educate and show the ways that you are reflecting. I know it’s not easy, and I am on my own path of better awareness, but you have huge influence as a white woman and it would be a wonderful way to use that influence.

Kate says · 06.04.20

Absolutely! I wrote friday’s post a few days ago, so be sure to check back tomorrow to read more about my plans for content changes!

Bridget says · 06.05.20

I agree. While I enjoy your blog, these posts are coming across as a little tone deaf in light of the current circumstances. I’m glad to hear that you are putting thought into this and I look forward to that new content!

Lia says · 06.05.20

I totally agree. I know a lot of bloggers schedule post in advance. Maybe cancel some of the scheduled ones for the next few days? Seeing this post come up in my feed made you look pretty oblivious which I don’t think the case.

Kate says · 06.05.20

I’m sorry this post made you feel that way, this has been a tough situation to navigate and I want to assure you that I’m very much not oblivious to what is going on.

Angela says · 06.04.20

I haven’t worn a cute dress in ages so it’s time for me to do some shopping!

Monica says · 06.05.20

I follow a lot of blogs, and this is the ONLY one that has posted regular content this week. It feels so very tone deaf to be posting about summer dresses while our nation is hurting so badly.

Suzanne says · 06.05.20

Don’t let society shame you into doing something different. When I go to a beauty and lifestyle blog that’s what I expect to see. I love your blog. It’s a nice refuge from other “influencers” that feel they need to force their opinions on the many.

Jen Walton says · 06.06.20

Kate, thank you for replying and moving forward. I was thinking a lot about your blog after I wrote my last comment. I was really happy to see your most recent post when I checked this morning.

Ali says · 06.06.20

Where is #4 from?

Cristina Thomas says · 06.07.20

Thanks Kate for sharing! Scooping up the dress you are wearing but in green. And for those shaming Kate for doing this post…shame on you! Of course she is aware of what is going on right now. We all are. But this is also her business. Have all of you stopped working to solely focus on what is going on in the world? I’m sure not. We all work to support our families. We can do that in conjunction with taking time to reflect and take positive actions with what is going on in the world. Kate slowly introducing content is nice and always appreciative of the cute finds!