A Summer Beauty Prep List

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If you follow along on Instagram, you know I share a lot of things I love on stories, but I wanted to share a few recent things that I was influenced to get here on the blog as well!

I bought a RUGGABLE rug after seeing my sister Lauren speak so highly of them! I’ve seen them at her house and they are really nice rugs. You also cannot BEAT the washability factor.

After hosing off my kitchen sink 2 days in a row due to spills, I thought that was the perfect place to buy a RUGGABLE rug for. I’ll keep you posted on how it works out, but based on all the positive reviews, and even personal messages from followers on Instagram telling me how much they loved their ruggable, I imagine I’m going to be very pleased!

I saw a pair of Good American jeans on Beth and literally wrote “consider me influenced” in the comments of her post because she looked so good. I tried the “good legs” line ( this specific pair ) and I must admit they fit like an actual dream come true. The fit is similar to the curvy denim at Madewell, but with a bit more “hold”, if that makes sense. They also don’t cut it as much as the “curvy” style does at Madewell.

On an older post, I wrote sharing the things I bought after seeing them on social media and I want to continue to sing my praises for the Billie razor. You *will not* get a better shave with any other razor. I do not have a code because I’ve never worked with that brand, but I know a lot of influencers have, so try searching online or doing a hashtag search on social to find a promo code!

A final mention is this citrus juicer that I had both seen on social media and also was advised to buy from my sister! As long as you are placing the sliced fruit in the juicer correctly, you should be able to get nearly every last drop out of it!

If you’ll allow me, I’d like to influence YOU to buy these sandals. They feel like you are walking on a cloud and are the perfect throw on sandals for summer. I’ve worn mine nearly non-stop for the past few weeks and am so pleased.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.12.20

Thanks for sharing your favourites, gonna check them out! Have a great weekend, Kate! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kelly says · 06.12.20

I loved the Ugg Sandals as soon as I saw them. I’m hesitating because the reviews on Amazon aren’t great. Can you add some more thoughts here? Do they rub on your feet? Are they TTS? Thanks!

Katie says · 06.12.20

I think Lauren has a code for Billie!

Madison says · 06.15.20

Agreed! I would’ve asked your sister to share her code….

Kate says · 06.15.20

The problem with putting codes on a blog post is that they aren’t always live so it could cause frustration or confusion when this post is revisited in the future. It’s best to inquire at the time of purchase if someone has a code!

Michele says · 06.12.20

This could be a fun bi-monthly post idea. It’s interesting to see what influencers get influenced by.

Jenni says · 06.13.20

The rug looks great! What color/name is your ruggable? Thanks for all you do!

Evelina says · 06.13.20

I love this post!! Thank you for sharing!

Kat says · 06.13.20

Too funny, my mom gave me those exact sandals! Sadly they are a half size too big for me but they ARE very very nice. I may actually buy another pair! Also, ruggable is where it’s at. Love ours.

Ashley says · 06.14.20

Love my Billie razor too!