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There has never been a time that I’ve appreciated a comfortable bra more than during this “Stay at Home” time. Comfort is *key* always, and ever since I got fitted back in February I’ve slowly phased out my wrong-sized bras for better fitting ones!

You can read about my bra fitting experience here. I’d also highly recommend following Caralyn Mirand on Instagram as she was the one who inspired me to get fitted!

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When it comes to an everyday bra, the Natori Bliss Perfection Underwire Contour Bra is my absolute favorite. I have it in two colors (a pretty light purple and a nude) and wear it more often than not!

I love the Flora Underwire Bra too, for times I want to wear something a little prettier that still feels comfortable and supportive.

I had a strapless bra that was in the wrong size, so I replaced it with this one in the proper size. It has a little bit of silicone around the band that helps keep the bra in place. I love the wider band too for feeling extra secure!

As far as bralettes go, the True and Co Body V neck bra is lighter than air, supportive, and feels like you are wearing nothing. It’s my “travel day” bra, and something I love to wear under white or semi-sheer t-shirts. For something with a little less fabric but still a great amount of support, I’d recommend the Bra-llelujah! lightly lined bralette. It’s very comfortable, offers serious support, and could even be slept in comfortably. Speaking of bralettes for sleeping, nothing beats the Natori Bliss Perfection day bra. It can certainly be worn during the day, but it is my go-to for sleeping. It’s very comfortable and light, and I’m certain I’ll wear it very often during the sweltering heat of summer in North Carolina.

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Cheryl W says · 05.02.20

While on vacation in California in late February, my friend and I decided to take the bra-fitting challenge and headed to Nordstrom! It was anything but a good experience, obviously the girl that was fitting me, did haven’t the training needed, and it was the worst experience. I am going to go to a store that specializes in bra fittings back home for a new fitting, when there pandemic stay home order expires and the store reopens. Here’s hoping for a positive experience at Sunny J’s in Plymouth, MI soon!

Kate says · 05.04.20

I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you have a redemptive experience soon!!

Ashley says · 05.02.20

Can’t wait to check these out further! Nude undergarments are so important in a wardrobe!

Allison says · 05.02.20

Thanks for these suggestions! I was in desperate need of more quality bras. I just ordered three from your list, and now can’t wait to get them 🙂

Heidi says · 05.03.20

I also have two of the Natori Bliss Perfection bras, and they are the most comfortable bras I’ve ever had, in addition to being pretty. I love Natori bras in general, but these are my favorite style in the Natori brand. They are expensive but worth it in my opinion.

Catherine R. says · 05.03.20

How did you find the Spanx bra runs? What size did you go with? Thanks!

Jennifer says · 05.03.20

True & Co. has a more budget-friendly line at Target that includes several bra styles and hipsters. I just ordered a couple sizes in their V-neck bra (their version of No. Six in the post) and hoping for success. Working at home for the past 6 weeks (and for the next 4 weeks per my state’s shelter-in-place order), I’d like something a little more comfortable than my standard underwire bras.

Natalie Ann Redman says · 05.13.20

I love nude bras! So versatile.

Josy says · 05.24.20

Thank you for this! I love many of the tops you’ve posted but are you wearing strapless bras in most of them? I need to get properly fitted as well once shopping opens up again. Thank you! I find you inspiring!🥰 https://ltk.app.link/e86yNiXxK6

Christina says · 06.23.20

Why don’t we see you modeling the bras? Post pictures of yourself wearing the bras.

Kate says · 06.23.20

Not something I’m comfortable with, but most of the bras are modeled on the retailers website!

Elizabeth C says · 02.28.21

Thank you for sharing! I have an above average cup size and it’s difficult to find bras in my size that are supportive but don’t look like I’m girding myself for battle😳😂

Niki says · 03.01.21

Do you have a favorite sports bra for running?

Kate says · 03.01.21

I have a few Lululemon bras, as well as some fabletics ones. I just pick one with good support!

Julia says · 05.31.21

This post was so helpful! Thank you! I am currently wearing True & Co bras but wanted something with a little more support/lift, so I am going to try the Spanx Bra-lellujah lightly lined bralette!

Ray says · 09.12.22

Thanks for sharing, very informative!