Reviving Day 3 Hair (lots of tips + tricks)

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A lot of women can go a day or even a few days between washing, and restyle their hair the next morning! Not only does it save time, but it can be a nice break for your hair from washing and blowing dry.

Some women, though, cannot go more than a day between washing, so if you are one of those people don’t worry about it! Use a great conditioner, perhaps use a leave-in spray every once in a while to keep your mid-shaft and ends nice and moisturized!

In this video, I’m sharing my personal process for reviving day 2 or day 3 hair! The beginning is focused on how I refresh my hair with products and a few tools, then I share my process for re-curling to restore the beachy, loose waves I’ve been wearing lately.

There are a lot of tips and tricks that I mention and demonstrate throughout the video, so I hope can learn something and perhaps have a bit more success reviving your hair on the second or third day!

Essential tools:

BlowPro Shower Cap

Slip Silk Scrunchie

Mason Pearson (mine is the pocket size), (budget-friendly boar bristle brush)

Bumble and Bumble Pret-A-Powder Post Workout Dry Shampoo Mist, or Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

Living Proof No Frizz Vanishing Oil or KARITÉ NUTRI Intense Nourishing Oil

Amika Fluxus Hairspray

Cricket Pro-35 comb

T3 1.25 inch curling iron

I used the Dyson Airwrap blow dryer attachment to dry, but I’d also recommend the T3 Cura blow dryer!

To have the most success with restyling your hair, wear a shower cap in the shower! Keep mist, humidity, steam, and water away from your hair! I’d also recommend refreshing your roots by using a blowdryer and a brush to liven your hair back up again. The heat and air from the dryer may “reignite” the product you initially put in when you were styling, leading to a more full and bouncy finish.

I’d recommend using a cream or oil on your ends to soften and smooth the hair as well. Only apply it mid-shaft to ends, and take the time to massage it into the hair so the oil is evenly dispersed.

Finally, when re-curling the hair (if you choose to do that), make sure you only curl the parts that need it. Don’t underestimate how fresh a curl will look even if you only curl the top half of a section of hair. You can see this demonstrated a few times in the video!

P.S. If you enjoyed this, you’d enjoy this post I shared recently with my favorite hairstyles on straight hair!


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Roberta says · 04.16.20

Can you recommend a hair dryer that’s affordable. During this hard time I don’t want to spend alot of money.

Krystal Spears says · 04.16.20

It looks so good! I would never know that is three day old hair. Would you mind sharing what products you used on day one and two? This post was super helpful, thanks!

Michelle says · 04.16.20

How often do you clean and replace your hair brush?

Michele says · 04.16.20

Do you find second day hair wears differently depending on length? My hair is similar in texture to yours, but because Pinterest fails to inspire me I haven’t had a cut in a year and a half (I KNOW) and now it’s at my almost waist. It wears “okay” for second day, but I don’t know how it’ll wear once I get it cut. I also really like dry shampoo, but don’t know how much is too much.

Melinda Reider Olsen says · 04.16.20

So, do you do the same thing on day 2 hair that you do on day 3 hair (with oil, etc?) In other words, do you apply oil like this to your ends two days in a row if you go for day 3 hair (or every day that you don’t wash)? Thanks!

Maria Crain says · 04.16.20

Thank you for the post. I just tried Alterna CC hair cream (was in my Ipsy bag this month) and it is a great product, in case you haven’t tried it yet!

Hannah Knight says · 04.16.20

I use that exact same shower cap, but I have found that after even one use it starts to smell kind of musty or something!! Do you have this problem and if so, is there anything I can do to fix it?? I don’t want to have to wash it after every use!

Kate says · 04.17.20

I have 3 of these shower caps and don’t have that problem! Are you making sure it’s totally dry before you put it away? I let mine hang to dry for 24 hours before I put it back in my drawer.

Maggie says · 04.16.20

What would you recommend for people with oily hair? I try to go a couple of days between washes but my scalp gets irritated!

Megan says · 04.17.20

Great video, thanks for all the tips! Can’t wait to try that bumble and bumble spray! When you use a regular aerosol dry shampoo, is it safe to then use heat tools? I’ve always been worried it would fry my hair!

Sara says · 04.17.20

You mentioned that the Mason Pearson brush is a “fave”- do you have a blog post as to why you love this brush?

Darla says · 04.17.20

Loved these tips and tricks! Do you have any bedtime tips for what to do with your hair so your blow out/style doesn’t end up a frizzy, kinky, hard to revive mess?

Hannah says · 04.17.20

I’ve been using Kristin Ess’s dry conditioner on my ends for day 3-4 and it’s been life changing! Her whole line is amazing

Ashley says · 04.18.20

Great video! Love the tips!

Courtney Brown says · 04.19.20

Thank you for sharing this video- I have wondered how to revive days old hair. I do have one question- when you blow dry your roots, do you use heat or can you have it on the “cool” setting? Thanks again!

JenU says · 04.19.20

Using a blow dryer to revive hair is a must for me. Definitely ordering the bumble and bumble spray. Thanks for the tutorials. Your hair is always perfect!

Sarah says · 04.23.20

I am looking for a mirror exactly like your black, square mirror with the circle in the middle! I’ve tried to find a link to it in your other posts, but can’t find one. Do you remember where it is from? Thank you!!

Heather says · 05.01.20

Holy cow! I tried this step by step with products I had on hand already (Bastiste Dry Shampoo in ‘Bare’ scent, and Kristin Ess brand Working Serum). I’m on day 3 hair and it seriously looks and feels freshly washed and styled, with slightly more texture and volume. This is a total game changer. Thank you for sharing, Kate!

Kristy Runte says · 10.07.20

After using dermalmd hair growth serum, it still feels a little effective. Some young hairs have grown in smooth areas. I hope that I can keep using it. It should be rewarded. Of course, everyone has different effects. You can try it.

Laura monsrud says · 11.02.21

I loved your revive day 2, 3 or 4 hair video!

Kathy Kwiatkowski says · 08.29.23

Tutorial on beach waves techniques without frying my highlights