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Spring Break Trip Cancelled? Get Your Tan from a Bottle

While I certainly feel like we’ve settled into a new “normal” now that we are 4 weeks into staying at home, the biggest daily challenge is the same that it was in the beginning: finding time to get everything done without childcare! Justin and I have been trading days with the kids, which is par for the course for us, but it still can feel a little disorganized and challenging at times.

I’m so thankful that my kids have been so calm and flexible during this season. David, my 6-year-old, will occasionally talk about what he is excited to tell his friends at school when he goes back, and I always just let him share that excitement with me and respond by telling him, “We aren’t totally sure when school is going to start up again because we want to make sure everyone is healthy”. In our area, there is the discussion of school starting up again mid-May but I’d be lying if I said I actually believed that would happen.

In case you missed it, I shared a Men’s Haircut tutorial as well as a Little Boy’s Haircut tutorial on IGTV. You can watch the videos by clicking here! The feedback I’ve gotten has been overwhelmingly positive and I’m so grateful for that. I’m glad to be able to help at this time!

It’s been interesting to see what kind of trends have popped up during quarantine time (like baking banana bread) and Dolgana coffee.

If you are hitting the pavement more than usual since your gym has likely closed, Asics are my favorite running shoes and I’d highly recommend them!

Conversely, if you are taking a more leisurely stroll and the weather has warmed up where you live, a simple slide-on sandal like these by Sam Edelman are perfect all spring and summer long.

This is such a cute and interesting watch!

If you are looking for a random kitchen gadget to bring you some happiness, get a citrus press.

I shared on stories this week that I bought *another* Signature Softblend set from Lou & Grey. I’ve had my charcoal grey version for months and wear it multiple times a week, so when I saw they were on sale again I got the same top and bottom in black. These are not sold as a set, you must buy the pants and then the sweatshirt separately.

We got the boys some new “scooters” for riding outside since they love doing that so much. We chose YFliker (Luke, my 5-year-old is on an A1 and David is on an A3) and they have really enjoyed riding them!

This weekend is particularly important to me as it is Easter weekend. Easter Sunday represents a major part of Christianity and I’m sad to not be able to attend our church on this important day. The church building and people aside, I’m happy to be celebrating what this day means for us.

I hope you have a really nice weekend, are staying healthy and content at home if you are there, and if you are still heading into your workplace I hope you feel safe and important.


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Laura says · 04.10.20

Any chance you could do a little girls haircut?! Maybe just a tips and tricks. My little one had her first haircut canceled and the back is looking a little rough!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.10.20

I wrote a whole blog post about quarantine trends too – like you said, it’s been interesting to see what has become popular these few weeks! Thanks for the links! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Jennifer says · 04.10.20

Love Dalgona coffee! To me, it tastes like a really good iced latte with cold foam… every coffee lover’s dream (in my opinion).

I like that you can more or less customize it to the sweetness level or coffee taste that you want. And it’s easy and much more cost effective for me, a first year medical student. I’ve also seen people try this with matcha or ube (taro), and both seem intriguing but for now I will stick with the coffee!

Ashley says · 04.11.20

Those sweats look so comfy! Asics are great sneakers! I wear them at work when I’m on my feet all day!