How To Choose, Blend, and Wear Hair Extensions

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Hair Extensions can be a fun option to give you creativity with your hair without making any kind of long term commitment! It seems like more than ever hair extensions are becoming commonplace, so I wanted to share how I like to use them and give you a few tips in case you wanted to explore using hair extensions on your own hair.

I don’t wear hair extensions often. I pretty much only wear them if I’m on set at a shoot and need to add a little thickness or bulk to my hair. I never wear them to add length, I only wear hair extensions that match my current hair length. I’ve worn them for weddings and other special events, but that is about all!

I know a lot of women that have hair extensions professionally applied (through various methods) so they last for several weeks and women who choose to use clip extensions every day as well. There are a lot of options available, which is really great, but I’ve only personally experienced using clip-on extensions like I demonstrate in the video.

I wish I had a bit more hair around the front of my head, so using two small wefts of extensions “fill in” the thinner area near my ears and front of my face. For consistency, they wrap around to meet at the back of my head, but my personal reason for wearing them is to add thickness toward the front. I’m wearing Barefoot Blonde hair in shade Sandy Blonde which is a perfect match for my highlighted hair. I’ve had a great experience buying from, using, and wearing this brand of hair extensions and would highly recommend exploring their at-home color-matching kit if you want to try some! This post is NOT sponsored.

In the video below, I’ll show you how to clip the extensions in place, where to clip them in, and how to trim the ends so they blend nicely with your hair! If you are adding extensions to create extra length, follow the same steps in trimming but only point cut into the ends to break up the weight of the hair!


A few Q & A’s:

One. How do you color match? I highly recommend exploring this at-home color-matching kit to find your best match!

Two. How do the clips work? On the weft I used in the video, both ends and one area in the center have metal clips that you bend inwards to open, then bend the opposite way to close (just like a standard snap clip). It helps to tease the area of your hair that you are clipping into for the extension to hold the best!

Three. Should the extensions go all the way around your head? Ideally yes so it looks consistent. You don’t really want to clip them in too close to the front of your hairline, nor the area near your part. The goal is to hide the clip!

Four. How many wears can I get out of extensions? If you care for them properly, you should be able to get a ton of wears out of them. I do not wash mine after every wear, but when I DO wash them I make sure to condition them well and allow them to air dry.

Five. Are they comfortable? I can definitely feel them on my head but I wouldn’t say they are uncomfortable. It’s added weight to your scalp that may be headache-inducing, but if you clip them onto teased hair they shouldn’t pull quite as much. If you are going to try wearing them for a special event, definitely do a run-through beforehand to make sure you can handle the added weight.

Six. What shears or scissors should I use to trim them? Ideally, something very sharp with a narrow point on the end so you can be precise in your cuts. Ulta sells haircutting shears, click here.

Let me know of any additional questions you may have in the comments below! 


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Pam says · 03.18.20

Thank you for posting a video. It’s so nice to watch something that’s not all about fear and toilet paper. 😉

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 03.18.20

The extensions look really good on you – so real, too! Thanks for the review! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

LaurenCarter says · 03.18.20

I use extensions for volume as well, but the company that I purchased from has changed the quality of the product and its not so great anymore. Do you have any recommendations for those of us that aren’t blonde? Where can we purchase for brunettes and other hair colors?

Bee says · 03.18.20

I love your blog and videos! I’ve been following you almost since the beginning! I have trouble getting the Instagram videos to play though, so I was wondering if it’s possible to see all the IG videos on YouTube also? There’s a DIY eyebrow wax video that I neeeeeed! Only it won’t play! 😔 I never have trouble on YouTube. I hate missing out!

Thanks for doing what you do! All the time you spend on content is very appreciated!

We love you, Kate! Stay safe and well! Praying you and your family are well!

Tracy E. says · 03.18.20

I’ve used the Barefoot Blonde extensions based on a prior post from you…I can’t recommend them enough. They are reasonably priced, good quality, and the color match process is easy! Thank YOU Kate!

Michele says · 03.18.20

Just for the record, that first picture of you holding up disembodied hair without having read the title of the post first is REALLY unsettling😂😂😂

Kate says · 03.18.20

Funny, I’m so unfazed by hair I didn’t even think about that!

Katie says · 03.19.20

Disembodied Hair is my new band name 😋

Andrea says · 03.19.20

wow, it looks super natural!
x, Andrea

Jenn says · 03.19.20

Any suggestions for those considering extensions but have thinning at the crown? Are we just probably out of luck for this option? From my temples UP is my thinning hair.

Megan says · 03.20.20

How do you recommend storing your extensions when you aren’t wearing them? Thanks so much for this post!!

Bree says · 04.01.20

Based on your post I bought some and love them! Do you style them with a flat or curling iron?

Lynda says · 04.01.20

Any tips for those of us with a couple tape in extensions right now? I have them for the same reason as you the front of my hair never grows as long as the back. So it’s nice to finally have some extra weight and length at the front of my head. Normally they’re adjusted about every 6 to 8 weeks but obviously with salons being close things are getting kind of sketchy! Help?

Lorene says · 08.04.20

Do they make extensions that are only bangs? I miss having bangs but not the upkeep. It would be nice to be able to clip some in for the times I want them!

Mindy says · 09.15.20

They look so natural! I recently ordered clip-ins from and LOVED them if you are in the market!

Mira Jones says · 01.14.21

Thank you so much for sharing such great information. These extensions look great on you. I am also planning to use hair extensions. I love these extensions and surely try this one if this suits me. Stay Blessed!!

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