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Trends for a Casual Spring Wardrobe

Did you catch the major closet overhaul that I shared recently? In it, I shared a quick look at my jewelry area and I wanted to share a few pretty ideas for storing and displaying your jewelry on today’s post.

**Click directly on the graphic to shop any of the jewelry organizers you are interested in!**

**Click directly on the graphic to shop any of the jewelry organizers you are interested in!**

I’m the kind of person that likes to see my jewelry instead of storing it away in closed boxes, so a glass or acrylic display case is my favorite thing. I also love hanging necklaces that I wear regularly on a jewelry tree so I can easily grab them but they also look like decor while they are hanging up!

Speaking of jewelry trees, did you know that “DIY jewelry tree” was the exact term I searched back in 2009 when I stumbled across a blog that had a tutorial for it which then led to me thinking, “maybe I can start a blog…?”? Yep, it led me to this article and that was the beginning of my infatuation with discovering blogs!

Jewelry should be stored out of direct sunlight and never in a humid environment (like a bathroom)! The absolute safest place for fine jewelry, or particularly important pieces to you, is in a soft pouch in a drawer or container.

A jewelry box with a clear top is the perfect thing for storing special jewelry out of the way, but keeping the daily picks easily accessible and visible through the top lid! The one pictured in the graphic is an amazing amazon find for about $43.00!

P.S. I shared a few spring fashion picks recently, along with a new of my favorite pieces of jewelry too!



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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 02.27.20

These are so cute! Numbers 5 and 12 are my favourite – so classy! πŸ™‚

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Sherry says · 02.27.20

That is so cool that you reference the blog post that made you start thinking about creating a blog of your own……and glad you did, have enjoyed the journey (Pinterest, Blog, Instagram, etc). Can’t even count the number of times I have considered creating one of my own, just haven’t taken the plunge yet. Grab a jacket, it’s cold again this morning πŸ™‚

Alexis says · 02.27.20

It looks like the link for number two goes to a different style. Do you have the link for the one pictured in your graphic? Thanks!

Amanda Lenweaver says · 02.27.20

Hi Alexis! This is Amanda, Kate’s Creative Assistant. My apologies, the box that is linked is similar. Here is the correct jewelry box, so pretty!

Kelsey Farley says · 02.27.20

I store mine in an armoire and my necklaces on a hanging wall piece. I love keeping my favorites around and get rid of the ones I don’t.

James Malenfant says · 02.27.20

The article didn’t mention fine jewelry, so the writer must be referring to costume pieces. You can leave fine jewelry in the bathroom, water doesn’t affect it. I keep all jewelry in it’s original box. I would never display thousands of dollars in jewelry for everyone to see, or steal.

Maggie says · 02.28.20

I almost exclusively wear stud earrings (hate anything that dangles for my earlobes). I’m in such a rut of the best way to store and/or display them. Any suggestions?

Krista Elemam says · 07.18.20

These organizers are so lovely! Do you know where the gold tree in the image is from or have a link? I love it!!

Sarah Ackerman says · 12.30.20

Hi. I was able to find it. It was sold at Target and is called the West Emory Gold Coral Jewelry Tree with Marble Base. Target doesn’t sell it anymore. I was able to find one on Poshmark. You might find one if you look on eBay or a site like that.