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Curious about how I do my signature loose waves? Click here to watch a tutorial! 

TGIF, you know what I mean!? This week felt like an eternity but I’m glad it’s Friday and am looking forward to a fun weekend ahead!  We’ve got a date night planned and have some beautiful weather on tap.

Luke shared on IG stories that we are heading to the Bahamas in February. This will be our very first trip as a family of 5 to a location that is not a family members’ home, and I’m so excited to go somewhere new! My brother and his wife, my sister and her husband, and my parents are all going on this trip together!

In light of traveling to a warm destination, I’ve done a little bit of shopping for some outfits or accessories to wear while we are there. I found a really cute swimsuit coverup that is a wrap skirt to wear with the black swimsuit that I just got from LOFT(currently 40% off!). I also tried a pair of sandals from Amazon that looked really cute, but they were a little tight between my toes so I’ll be sending them back.

I also have this pretty cover-up to wear over swimsuits too!

It seems like leopard and animal print are sticking around this spring, so I also grabbed this tank top from Amazon to wear on our trip.

In IG stories this week I talked about whether your Shampoo and Conditioner should match, and I also shared my idea for breaking down Rachel Green’s hairstyles from seasons 1-10 of Friends. I truly did not expect to get the response that I did from your interest in that idea! My DMs were flooded with enthusiastic “yes!!!!!” messages! I’m definitely going to get started on that blog post!

One last note about IG stories: I asked a few weeks ago what “beauty thing” you wanted to master this year and the response was overwhelming. I asked Amanda to scroll through and round up some of the most common topics and here is what that list looks like.

Contouring, curling hair and getting it to stay, eyeliner and eyeshadow application, winged eyeliner, everything and anything about eyebrows, skincare routines, fake lashes, under-eye concealer application, 5-minute makeup, picking the right lipstick shade, doing a blow out at home

It was interesting to see how many of the topics fell into the makeup realm! I’ve covered a lot of these topics but I’m working on a way to refresh those posts or videos so you can learn how to master those areas!

Some other links and loves this week. . .

This is a really cute backpack for $39.99 that would be great for a travel day or even a diaper bag.

I’ve always loved a blunt haircut.

My skin is so dry, especially in the wintertime, that I’m very tempted by this new foundation from Estee Lauder.

I have been loving my new Late’s pjs. They are in the cutest print and are made of the softest Modal fabric. I find them to run fitted, but true to size.

Have a great weekend!

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Comments (23)

  1. Kristen says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    I am interested in purchasing a T3 Curling iron, is there one that you can recommend, would you get the single or would you recommend the interchangeable one?

    • Jennifer says
      Posted January 26, 2020

      I second this! Please give recs on curling irons from this brand

  2. Emily says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    Loving your posts – as normal! Could you share where you found the top you’ve got on? It is cute!

    • Summer Young says
      Posted January 24, 2020

      Yes, I need that top!

      • Emily says
        Posted January 24, 2020

        Summer – I think it may be a previous season JCrew?!

    • Julie says
      Posted January 24, 2020

      I was wondering the same thing about the top!

  3. Sarah Beck says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    What size sqimsuit did you get? I was actually eyeing the same one and typically am able to buy the same size as you! Thanks!

    • Kate says
      Posted January 24, 2020

      I got a large!

  4. Lindsey says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    Please do the Rachel hairstyle post!! 🙂 I also have a pair of the Lates pjs and they’re awesome!

  5. Kaitlyn B says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    Love that lip color and top! Have a great weekend, Kate!

  6. Page Miller says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    Your makeup looks flawless Kate! LOVE this look!

  7. Natalie says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    I would love some info on Dermaplaning! I had it done with a facial one time and loved it!! Unfortunately I don’t have the time/money to go to a esthetician and have it done regularly. Is it safe and effective to do at home??

  8. Lyn says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    I was so excited about that new E.L. foundation, too, until I saw they put fragrance in it. I cannot put fragrance on my skin. Sadly, that limits my choices.

  9. Ramsie says
    Posted January 24, 2020

    What do you do about frizz? Lots and lots of obvious frizz?

    • Kate says
      Posted January 25, 2020

      Actually Living Proof just launched a NoFrizz hair mask that I’d recommend looking into. They also have a lot of products in their “no frizz” line that work really well!

      • Ramsie says
        Posted January 25, 2020

        Cool! Does it seem to work for your hair?

  10. Posted January 24, 2020

    TGIF indeed! It’s Chinese New Year so everyone’s celebrating in Hong Kong as well! Have a great weekend, Kate ❤️✨

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  11. Deborah says
    Posted January 25, 2020

    Your necklace in the IG video- a small gold dog-tag style. Where is it from? Thank you?

    • Kate says
      Posted January 25, 2020

      It’s from Madewell 🙂

      • Deborah says
        Posted January 25, 2020

        Thank you!

  12. Deb Ray says
    Posted January 25, 2020

    Recommend a foundation and moisturizer for sensitive skin

  13. Mary Larson says
    Posted January 25, 2020

    Please don’t let a mean comment bring you down. The reason I love your blog is because you keep it real. You’re a beautiful person inside and out!
    Best to you and your beautiful family!

  14. Vicki says
    Posted January 25, 2020

    You posted a story last week with your favorite lipsticks. I have not been able to find that post. Could you direct me to the link?