The Creme de la Creme of Skincare

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I really love exploring skincare products. That may be one of my favorite aspects of this job. I love trying hair products as well, but I have a special place for skincare in my heart.

After I was completed with cosmetology school, I considered going to Esthetics school just to further my knowledge of the industry. We covered skin education in Cosmetology school, and technically the license covers the ability for me to work in the field of esthetics, but I never felt like I knew enough.

A face mask is my go-to way to care for my skin when it needs a little extra attention. One of my favorite masks of all time is the Black Tea Perfecting Mask by fresh. No matter what is happening with my skin, this is the mask I reach for the most. It nourishes my skin really deeply, and adds a layer of moisture that it is always in need of!

The Black Tea line in general at fresh is the creme de la creme. It most certainly falls in the category of high-end skincare by its quality of ingredients and price, but it does serious work on your skin. The body cream is one that I save for special occasions because it feels so great and smells divine.

The Age-Delay Eye Concentrate, that is not pictured here, is one of the only eye creams I’ve used that I can actually feel the tightening effects on my skin. The same can be said for the Black Tea Firming Corset Cream Firming Moisturizer. It tightened the skin around my face and neck while also hydrating those areas deeply.

Retinol is a popular ingredient in a lot of tightening and fine line reducing products, and while the Black Tea line from fresh doesn’t have any Retinol, It does have the right ingredients to truly make a difference in your skin.

If you are looking for a line to explore, especially if you are interested in firming and hydration, this would be a line I’d recommend exploring!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 01.21.20

I love Fresh’s products! I’m currently using their tinted lip balm – it’s my favourite! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Stephanie says · 01.21.20

It’s so funny you are talking about this mask because I just got a sample of this in a recent fresh order and was blown away by how soft it left my face. I totally agree fresh is the best!

ema says · 01.21.20

I love the Fresh products! The cleanser is one of my favorites and the lip scrub. as an esthetician, I love trying new skin care so its a good thing I don’t have sensitive skin! 🙂

K B says · 01.21.20

When you refer to these products as the crème de la crème – I am wondering if you have tried products like obagi and skinceuticals? Or do you consider those to be in a different category due to the price difference etc.

Kate says · 01.21.20

I’ve used two skinceuticals products that are really nice! I’m a bit more familiar with Fresh, so to me–it’s one of the top skincare lines in my book.

Georgia says · 01.22.20

I’m loving trying out new skincare products atm and this sounds amazing!! Definitely need to try!

Georgia Rose |

Hilary says · 01.22.20

I love Fresh products but hate their packaging. I feel like it can’t possibly be hygeinic to have face products that you stick your fingers in (rather than a pump or dropper or something)!

Kate says · 01.22.20

I hear you! I’ve seen little spatulas sold at Ulta that you can use to remove the product if you would feel better about doing that!

Hilary says · 01.24.20

Oh my goodness, that is brilliant. I’ve never even heard of those, but now I’m on the hunt! Thank you! Their rose face mask is sooo lovely and feels good on my sensitive skin.

katie says · 01.22.20

I recently have been battling rosacea, so it seems like everything irritates my skin. Have you or anyone else heard if Fresh is easy on sensitive skin?

Meg says · 01.22.20

I have sensitive skin, and I love Fresh products. And Sephora has an awesome return policy, plus generous samples! You can try them out without the commitment.

Brittany says · 01.25.20

The Fresh Soy Cleanser has been a game changer for my redness. I absolutely love it!

Kimberly Oyler says · 01.23.20

Kate! Have you seen that Fresh reformulated our beloved 7 youth complex moisturizer? I’ve been using it for years because of you!! Have you tried the new stuff yet??

Kate says · 01.23.20

Yes I saw that and I was like “noooooo” but let me tell you… the new stuff is great!!!

Stephanie says · 01.26.20

How does this compare to Tatcha skincare?

Kimberly Oyler says · 01.27.20

I will trust you and give it a shot! Would love to hear about the differences in
IG stories!!

Anna Otto says · 01.31.20

Sounds great. I have some products with green tea in it and love them. I haven’t tried cremes with black tea yet, but will certainly do!

Angela says · 04.17.20

I’m looking to buy the Instant Perfecting mask during the Sephora sale. Which of the moisturizers do you recommend, the Age Delay cream or the Firming Corset Cream?

Kate says · 04.20.20

Both are great, truly. You cannot go wrong with either!