The $8 Brow Pencil that Replaced my $34 One

The Best Blush Color To Wake Up Your Face

With very low expectations I tossed this $8 eyebrow pencil in my cart at Ulta a few months ago. It has turned out to be one of my favorite eyebrow products ever.

The Revolution Pro brow pencil has a very tiny tip, which means you can be precise about where the pencil strokes are. Ash Brown, which is the shade I use, is the nicest grey/taupe shade for neutral hair color.

It lasts all day, but it can rub off if you aren’t careful. Also, it works best if you put a bit of foundation or concealer on your skin in any areas that don’t have hair. For example, my eyebrows basically stop growing about halfway across my eyeball, so I have to draw the rest of the brow on my face. In that place, it’s better to have something for the pencil to grab onto instead of smooth, clean skin.

I’ve tried a few other products from this brand that were “meh”, but this brow pencil is fantastic.

P.S. If you are curious to watch how I fill in my brows, click here!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 12.12.19

I actually use a cheap eyebrow pencil from Kate right now and it’s really good! Super affordable too! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Angela says · 12.12.19

Thanks for the recommendation! I’m curreently loving the L’Oreal brow pencil but will def try this one.

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Lily says · 12.12.19

I LOVE the l’oreal one too! I got it on vacay because I forgot my ABH one and it ended up replacing it! Love when that happens! 🙌 I recently dyed my hair a black cherry auburn and was having trouble finding a matching eye pencil so my hairdresser said “oh! Use a tiny bit of Lip liner that matches your hair I with your normal one” and WOW it matches perfectly!!!!

Jamie says · 12.12.19

I’m so glad you told me about this. My Anastasia brow pencil lid broke within the first week. I love the Revolution brand and use their mascara as well.

Alexis says · 12.12.19

I’ve been using this pencil for a few months. It’s great! I love the weight of it (it feels heavy, for a pencil), the color is great for me, and the texture is smooth. I use it, brush it through, then apply a dark shade of Elf’s “beautifully bare sheer tint” eyebrow gel to hold the hairs in place.

Shana says · 12.12.19

I didn’t even see their eyebrow pencil in store. I have been using ABH and Benefit. I will definitely look into this.

Bethany says · 12.12.19

This has got to be a new low! Good grief can you just not tell us what products you are talking about!? This pencil, this brand, the expensive one I used to use……none of it to actually inform your readers. Exclusively written as click bait. I don’t know how anyone can call you sincere. And I know you and your sheep followers are going attack me and tell me to go away if I don’t like it; at this point you have turned into such a fraud that I will indeed go, so don’t bother.

Sherry May says · 12.12.19

Bethany, yes you really should just go and don’t come back. No one needs to see your rude comments. Readers who enjoy Kate’s blog and Instagram will stick around in spite of your opinions.

Rolanda says · 12.12.19

I somewhat agree that the content (when there is new content!) over the years has pretty much degraded into just product/clothes reviews. Which is too bad because she was so informative and creative years ago. But I guess her focus is more on platforms like Instagram to generate profits.

Kate says · 12.13.19

Blogging has changed in the 9 years I’ve been doing it and a lot of readers are looking for “bite sized” posts. I try to provide a mix of content here, on social channels, and on my YouTube channel. I’ve thought often about having contributors because providing unique content for 5 different verticals can be challenging, but ultimately I want the site to remain my words and my voice.

Stacy says · 12.13.19

I’m fine with bite-sized posts, but you wrote an entire post about a product without ever mentioning what the product is.

Kate says · 12.13.19

I’ve updated the blog post to include the name of the product.

Kaitlyn B says · 12.13.19

Bethany, if you are an active follower you would know the expensive one she used to use is the Anastasia Beverly Hills. And for the new one, all it takes is 1 click to see what she is talking about.

Kate, thank you for this post and keeping us updated on new/different products you enjoy! I started using the Anastasia brow products after you mentioned them but recently tried the NYX pencil which is very similar to the Anastasia. I will be trying the Revolution next!

Kate says · 12.13.19

Thank you Kaitlyn!

Anna says · 12.13.19

I agree with the original post although it was quite harsh. I read the posts through bloglovin and half the links don’t work for me from there. It would really be nice to have the item names written down. Most other bloggers do this so I don’t see the issue? I never purchase product through affiliate links, mostly because they are outside my country anyway so having to click to find out an item is an annoyance.
I also found myself unable to comment other than replying from the app and the website? Maybe it’s an issue with my phone though.

Kate says · 12.13.19

Seems like you needed to vent a little bit. I will happily update the post to include the product name if that is helpful for you.

Click bait is a term used to entice readers to click on articles and usually the title has little or nothing to do with the actual post.
This blog post is the opposite of click bait as the post is a literal extension of exactly what I wrote in the title.

Katie says · 12.13.19

What you’ve essentially done though is say “look at the awesome pencil!” but dont actually blog the name of the product, but require your readers to click a link to understand what you’re talking about. It seems cynical, but I have to think it takes intentional effort to omit the name of the product you want to talk about, and seems to show your priority is for affiliate links and not sharing information. Understand this needs to pay your bills, but it feels cheap to readers.

Casey Smith says · 12.14.19

I’ve used this one too! I’m so glad to see you recommend an affordable eyebrow pen. I just can’t bring myself to spend $30+ dollars on something like that. Thanks for keeping it real Kate!

Kate Lately says · 12.16.19

Definitely going to have to try this out!

K A T E L A T E L Y //

Tami says · 12.17.19

To followers complaining about bloggers’ affiliate links – they’re running a business, people! It’s a service business they are passionate about. Information shared with followers often requires them to purchase and sample products so we don’t have to! If you’re interested in the product, what’s the issue with clicking a link to learn more and/or to purchase it? And if you don’t like the content, no need to be rude…just unfollow!