The Best Blush Color To Wake Up Your Face

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Look for the brightest pink POSSIBLE, my friends.

I admit that when I see bright, punchy, Barbie pink I think “spring” or “summer”. I’m usually drawn to warmer, softer, and more “nude” shades in the winter. And while those are still a great option for so many skin tones, if you are looking to wake your face up this season look for a shade of blush that resembles a Bubble Tape package.

A few of my very favorite blush brands are Milani, Tarte, and Nars. I must admit that Charlotte Tilbury blushes I’ve tried left a little to be desired.

Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink is bright with a little bit of radiance as well! Tarte’s Dollface from their Amazonian Clay 12 Hour collection, is a cooler toned Barbie pink. NARS “desire” blush is seriously bold but I imagine a subtle swipe of it on the apples of your cheeks will look stunning.

My only reminder to you is this: if you are planning on wearing red or orange-based lipstick, skip the punchy pink blush! It won’t create a cohesive look on your face. Instead, when wearing red lipstick, try just doubling up on bronzer for a little cheek definition without using a competing color!



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Jen says · 12.09.19

The blush you’re holding looks so pretty!!! Which one is it?

Caryn Lecca says · 12.09.19

I agree! I would love to know what blush it is she’s holding!

Huda says · 12.15.19

It’s the by Terry brand, I love all her blushes!!!

Laura says · 12.09.19

In thinking about the red top scenario using bronzer in place of blush, what lip color would you pair with it?

KIM FORBES says · 12.09.19

I am looking for a sunkissed looking blush, you know one like when you have been on the beach and have healthy flushed cheeks what do you recommend? Thanks

christi says · 12.09.19

Laura Mercier violet orchid blush is my winter cheek color.
Looks like my skin naturally does when I’m out in the cold.

Michele says · 12.10.19

Can you show us how to use just bronzer?

Julie Tuck says · 12.10.19

Could I please ask you where you got that adorable diamond ring you are wearing in this post? I love it! Thanks!

Shari says · 12.10.19

I love tarte blushes too! Been into MAC lately – any must have MAC blushes you’d recommend? My current fav is Blushbaby and I also love Gingerly.

KIM FORBES says · 12.10.19

You guys are awesome keep naming some good blushes!! I am looking for a good pinky/peach one for the winter. Something to brighten me up but not look like a clown ha ha

Angela says · 12.10.19

I love bright pinks and oranges for a quick flush of colour. The Makeup Revolution cream blush palette has a great bright pink and coral that I love, but I still need to add the milani blush to my collection!

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Kelly says · 12.11.19

What is the blush you are holding in the picture? … brand and colour … thanks

Kate says · 12.11.19

It’s called Sexy Pink by By Terry

Tina McNamara says · 12.11.19

I have a question not really related to this post. Is it necessary to use the same skin care brand products on your face to help with ph balance and what not. I’m having very dry skin recently and use various cleaning (Walmart brand) and moisturizing products (Mary Kay). My MK representative says I should use all the same products (of course) to help my skin rebalance itself. I would just like your input on this. Thanks.

Kate says · 12.11.19

I do not think you need to use ALL of the same products. I can see how some are created to work together, but in general that isn’t a hard and fast rule

Shauna Smith says · 12.16.19

What blush is it that you are using in the photos on this post?

Pam says · 07.30.20

What blush are you holding in the top picture?