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I genuinely enjoy the process of searching for clothes online but I hear from so many of you that you hate it. And I have been asked on more than one occasion how I navigate the black hole that is Amazon fashion in order to find great clothing items.

In this post, I’m sharing my favorite brands to shop for on Amazon! Some are in-house Amazon brands, others are brands that one is able to buy and return on Amazon. With Prime and the extremely fast shipping, it’s not surprising to hear how many of you want to find great clothes that can be delivered to your doorstep in about 2 days.

I’ve recently hit a jackpot in the basics department, which is 99% of my closet if I’m totally honest, and I linked up a lot of those items below. In general, the Amazon brands I’ve had the most success with are GoodThreads, Daily Ritual, and Amazon Essentials.

Other brands that I’ve purchased from via Amazon are Spanx, J.Crew Mercantile, Splendid, Colorful Koala, Miholl, ZSupply. Find a quick summary and fit guide to each of these brands below!

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I own every single one of the items in the graphic above so I mean it when I say these are great finds! I wish I would have sized down in the sweater but it’s only slightly oversized.

The basic tee and the chambray shirt from GoodThreads are so close to being Madewell dupes. The tee has a scoop hem, runs a bit longer than the Madewell whisper cotton tees and has a higher v-neck.

I thought it may be helpful to explain a bit more why I like the brands I’ve found on Amazon so you can make an informed decision while you shop!

GoodThreads – very similar to Madewell in my opinion. The fit is generally pretty true to size or sometimes relaxed.

Amazon Essentials – I have a navy utility jacket from this brand that I really like. A lot of the clothes are very plain and simple with traditional/classic fits.

Daily Ritual – I have a handful of pieces from this brand. It has a lot of basics that work for athleisure or simple “jeans and a tee” outfits. The fit is pretty traditional but be sure to pay attention to the title of the item. They are pretty clear on the descriptions so you know exactly what you are getting!

Miholl – This was a riskier move since I wasn’t otherwise familiar with the brand but I’ve been really happy with the t-shirts I’ve gotten. They are NOT see-through, which is especially great for a white tee. The price point is pretty low, and you can tell it’s not the highest quality fabric, but if you need a simple tee this is a great brand to try.

ZSupply – I’ve found this brand at a few different places but usually buy it from Amazon. They make great, comfortable basics that generally fit a bit long and relaxed.

Colorful Koala – I bought a few leggings from this brand last year and still really like them. I haven’t explored much else, but in general, I had a good experience with consistent sizing and fit!

Splendid – My most-loved item of clothing is their waffle open hooded cardigan. I’ve had it for YEARS and added a few other color options to my closet a few years ago. Their clothes are on the higher-priced end but good quality.

Spanx – I just bought the Jean-ish leggings from Spanx from Amazon and love them! Spanx is already a reliable brand so I was happy to find them on Amazon with free shipping!

J.Crew Mercantile – I’ve shopped at J.Crew Factory for years and was happy to see J.Crew Mercantile pop up on Amazon. It’s a great option for classic pieces if you need them quickly!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 10.25.19

Amazon is such a great place to shop for absolutely everything! So annoying about the shipping though since I don’t live in the US! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Elizabeth says · 10.25.19

I love this, Kate! Do you often shop on Amazon for kids clothes as well? I would love to see a post similar for kids clothes. ❤️

Kate says · 10.25.19

You know, I don’t really that often but I’m not really sure WHY?! I think I just grab a few things at a time at stores I’m in while running errands, but that’s a great idea for a blog post!

Emily Anne says · 10.25.19

The Daily Ritual long sleeve split-hem tunic is one of my all time favorite Amazon finds! Daily Ritual hits it out of the park with their fabrics and this one is a great length even on my short torso– not too long that it looks like a dress but long enough for leggings!

Crystal says · 10.26.19

I’m always so confused when fashion bloggers say “True to Size.”
I know theoretically what it means, but it doesn’t help with knowing what size I should buy. My body has changed so much over the past year and a half with pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding that I don’t even know what size I am anymore!

Val says · 10.26.19

Thank you so much for having all of this in one place!! I’m so sad I couldn’t snag that camel cardigan before it was sold out!! Maybe you could search the world over again to find another one for the rest of us. LOL!!! I thought a very helpful post for the future may be a side-by-side photo try on of the online photo and you in the clothes bc a lot of these items I have seen look much better when you style them (just in all your free time 😘). Thanks for all you do!!

Jules H. says · 10.27.19

$98-$109 for a cardigan?! Who can afford that??? Some of these clothing choices aren’t very practical for the average consumer.

Kate says · 10.28.19

Some people may consider that an appropriate price for an item of clothing they keep for many years. Everyone is different and this specific post has a wide range of clothing prices in it. While that may be not something YOU find value in, it may be something someone else does.

Marie says · 10.28.19

Goodthreads is a men’s line. Am I missing something?!

Kate says · 10.29.19

Yep, you are! There is a womens line of Goodthreads, click the link 🙂

Kaitlyn says · 10.29.19

Kate, the link goes to the men’s line.