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2 Makeup Products to Feel Ready for Fall

I’ve shared a few quick hair tutorials over on IGTV recently, just click here to watch them! But just as a reminder, I have long-form, detailed hair tutorials on my Youtube channel as well!

Color me surprised but I found two really great jumpsuits at Abercrombie recently! I bought a few thermals from that same retailer a few years ago but then didn’t really shop there much more beyond that single purchase. They have a few really nice items for fall! I got this jumpsuit which is very comfortable and has sleeves so it’ll work nicely in the fall, and then this spaghetti strap one that is great for an 80 degree fall day!

I found a very cute coat at Target for $65 if you are in the market. It felt very warm and has a removable hood too! I also saw this bag in store and it looks much nicer than it does on the website. If you are looking for a new bag for the fall, the green version of this convertible bag is beautiful!

My dining set arrived from Wayfair and I love it! The dining room has been the catch-all room and now that we have the set I’m hoping to clear out the extra clutter as fast as possible.

Lauren showed us 3 ways to style black jeans.

I love the blue color of these New Balance sneakers!

I love this foundation so I’m very tempted to try the primer!

A mousse pore-clearing mask made with ground-up volcanic lava?! Consider me interested.

Pretty blue tassel earrings.

I made this side dish recently and it was yet another win from Smitten Kitchen!

I usually like to get my nails done at the salon but I haven’t had as much time over the past few weeks so I’ve been polishing my nails myself. My nails are pretty damaged from ongoing dip/powder manicures so regular polish doesn’t last very long on them. On a whim, I grabbed these glue on fake nails at Target and I have to say I am VERY surprised at how natural them look. Unfortunately, they started to lift off only 2 days after I applied them and I was disappointed. It certainly could be user error and perhaps I didn’t apply enough glue. I honestly would like to try them again when my nails are stronger and hope they will last longer. I received a ton of comments from readers on Instagram that love those nails and have had a very good experience with them!

In the meantime, I’ve been using Sally Hansen Maximum Growth on my nails and it has helped strengthen them a lot!

One of my favorite eyeshadow palettes is on sale for about $30 today!

I hope you have a great weekend!


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.27.19

Your hair tutorials are the best! You’re so creative with your styles! Thanks for the fun link, Kate, and have a lovely weekend! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Victoria says · 09.27.19

A comment on nails — mine were also pretty damaged from months of dip manicures (which I was doing because my nails are so weak naturally, it was a nice break to have them look so pretty with the dips; even shellacs typically pealed off my nails after about 3-4 days). I randomly started using Nailtiques’ formula 2 plus nail protein. It’s taken about a month of using it regularly, but my nails are truly stronger than they’ve ever been in my LIFE. It’s pretty much black magic to me. My husband very nicely pretends to be interested every time I show him how strong my nails are now lol. I put on a shellac for the first time since using the nail protein, and I’m going on TWO WEEKS with it still not even chipping. Just sharing in case you run out of the Sally Hansen stuff and want to try something new. 🙂

Kate says · 09.27.19

::runs to amazon::

Anika May says · 09.27.19

Love the tassel earrings, they’re subtle but still pretty!

Anika |

Liz says · 09.27.19

Love the dinning room set. I want to know how you can keep that clean with three little kids. I can’t keep anything with cloth clean with teenagers.

Linda says · 09.27.19

There is a great tutorial about the kiss nails on this blog: betweennapsontheporch.

Andrea Pepe says · 09.28.19

Same about Abercrombie. And American Eagle/Aerie. Those were college stores and now they are back to actually having things that fit people over the age of 21. And cute things at that.

Suzanne sager says · 09.28.19

I made the green bean dish earlier this summer and OMG! I could’ve eaten just that for dinner. Great recommendation!

Kate says · 09.28.19

It’s so good, isn’t it?!

Ailie says · 09.28.19

Have you tried the imPRESS nails? Super easy because the adhesive is already on them. I am really hard on nail polish (like gel chips the fist week), but these have lasted a week plus for me!

Kate says · 09.29.19

that is awesome!

Julie says · 09.29.19

I love those earrings, but the link won’t work for me. Could you please tell me where I may find them? Thanks!