2 Makeup Products to Feel Ready for Fall

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Without getting a brand new makeup kit for Fall, I thought I’d show you two easy to use products to add into your makeup bag for this next season. The thing I always miss as the days start to cool off is the natural glow that can radiate from warm, sun-kissed skin. Personally, I love when my freckles pop through and I try to go makeup-free as often as possible in the summer when I can!

In the fall, the warmth of the skin can fade and some of the brightness can get lost as well. Adding a glow-inducing setting powder can be the perfect solution to that loss of sun-kissed skin!

A setting powder is used differently than a highlighter so I want to note that I’m talking about a full-face setting powder in this post. You can use a glowing setting powder AND a highlight as well– you do you girl!

I like to dust this Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow by Laura Mercier all over my skin after applying my foundation. Then I’ll finish with a powder contour, blush, and highlight. If I need to retouch during the day, I’ll simply dust a little bit more of this powder on top of my existing makeup.

The fluffier the brush, the lighter the application. In my opinion, the bigger the better with a product like this so you don’t pack too much into one specific area.

It’s very similar to Becca Soft Light Blurring Powder in Golden Hour but has a softer, more natural finish!

I also like to find a slightly deeper, more mauve toned lipstick when summer fades away. The shade I’m wearing in these photos is “East End Snob” and it’s a liner by Rimmel London. I found it at the drugstore but I’ve learned it can be kind of hard to find! Right now, I’m seeing it in a two-pack on Amazon so click here to purchase it.

One perk of adding in a liner is you can use it as a base to your existing favorite pink lipsticks. It’ll add a nice layer of depth behind a nude pink!

Is there anything you add back into your makeup kit when summer ends?


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Michele says · 09.24.19

Agreed on RImmel being hard to find. I’ve been using one of their liners since my makeup artist used it as my lip color on my wedding day, and consistently have a hard time finding it in any stores. If you like it, folks, stock up so you’re not going crazy trying to find it!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 09.24.19

The blurring powder sounds really nice! Thanks for sharing, Kate! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lisa Berggren says · 09.24.19

What is your go-to blush for fall?!

Daniela says · 09.24.19

Beautiful shade of lip liner/lipstick. It is a perfect workday color – subtle and warm. Great for fall!

Dani Comstock says · 09.24.19

I can’t believe how different lip colors can look on different people! I bought this lip color, and it is a light dusty pink on me. I still love the color so much, but it’s definitely more of a spring shade for me. 😊

Sherry May says · 09.26.19

Dani…..I found this to be the same for me and I consider my skin and hair coloring to be fairly similar to Kate, but it definitely was not as dark a shade on me. Still a pretty color though and a nice price point.

Rena says · 09.24.19

Now I want to try them out, thanks for sharing!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Bethany says · 09.26.19

I noticed the last while that you sure don’t post very often, considering this is your “full time” “job.” And on Facebook it is mostly recycled years old posts. Are you transitioning to an exclusively instagram/stories platform?

Kate says · 09.26.19

No not at all! This is a particularly busy season with two back to back weekends away meaning I missed a few work days. I’m slightly behind schedule but hoping to get back into a rhythm here shortly! Thanks for your patience!

DeLane A. Phillips says · 09.27.19

“East End Snob” lip liner arrived yesterday and I’m wearing today. I love it. I’m a 50+ brunette and it’s the perfect color – not too dark or too light.

Kate says · 09.27.19