Fun Summer Nail Polish

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It’s hard to remember a time when I wore grey nail polish for the majority of the year! These days I’m leaning more towards sheer creams or really bright oranges or pinks! I love brightening everything up in the summertime and wanted to share a few of my favorite nail polish shades for this season!

Essie Gel Couture Bold Boundaries – This is a beautiful strawberry red. It looks fantastic on fingers and toes!

Essie Strike a Rose – Such a fun bright pink. I’m wearing it in the photo above.

Essie A Touch of Sugar – A beautiful light pink color to wear on fingernails.

OPI Cajun Shrimp – Perhaps my favorite nail polish shade in history. It’s an orangey red that is my go-to for toenails all summer long.

OPI V-I-Pink Passes – Another beautiful bright pink that is a little less neon than Essie’s Strike a Rose.

OPI Strawberry Margarita – A classic strawberry pink!

OPI Aloha from OPI – A warm coral-orange shade that is my go-to in July and August.

If you do your own nails at home, I highly recommend following these steps


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 07.01.19

I love your recommendations! I can’t wait to try some of them myself. 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Marta says · 07.01.19

I love colourful and fun nail polish! I don’t use both brands you mentioned but it’s still nice to get some inspiration, thanks for sharing!

Teresa says · 07.02.19

What brands do you recommend?

Kate says · 07.01.19

All these colors are so pretty!! Just perfect for summer.


Olivia says · 07.01.19

love these colors, was just wondering what to do for my summer nails!

olivia |

Graviil Petrov says · 07.02.19

Wow! it’s beautiful.

Angela says · 07.02.19

I love the colour on your nails in the pic! My nails are horrible and I rarely make time to paint them but I do love it when I do get them done.

Angela at Blush & Pearls

Gaby says · 07.03.19

Pretty! I made my own pink by taking an Essie nude that looked terrible on my hands and adding a few drops of an Essie red. I was hoping for a pale pink, but added too much red and now I have this unexpected Barbie pink that surprisingly looks fantastic on my toes. I call my color Pink Starburst.

blushgarden says · 07.04.19

These are such fun summer selections! If you are looking to branch out, I might suggest Zoya Cora or Dixie, as I think you might enjoy a great coral as well!

Amit Ghia says · 07.05.19

lovely nail polish.

Susan Hull says · 07.07.19

Where did you get your purse??? Love it! Lauren has a similar one and I love hers too! I have been looking for a similar one!!

Kate says · 07.10.19

I found mine at Target but H&M has a very similar option!!

Brooke Shapiro says · 07.07.19

Where store carries the purse?

Uberclonescript says · 08.06.19

Looking cool

Amy jackson says · 08.19.19

Wow!!!! What a nice collections? Really i love it.

Applionsoft says · 11.20.19

Great Color.

Judy says · 04.24.20

I love it!

Kate says · 06.19.20

Found this post in Google. Even today (2020) these polish colors are the best for summer. Thank you for your recommendations, bookmarked it!