2 Awesome Hair Products for Texture, Fullness + Brightness from Sephora

A Daily Essential for Myself + The Kids

For years, I’ve been using the word “grit” to positively describe the way I want my hair to feel after using texture spray. Amika makes one of my favorite texture sprays, and now one of my favorite dry texture pastes called “Got Grit”. I wanted to test out a non-aerosol version for those who don’t like using them, or even for those who may want a more travel-friendly option!

I bought a few new hair products, including Got Grit, at Sephora recently. I talk a lot about my skincare and makeup favorites from Sephora, but their hair tool and product selections are pretty fantastic as well. If you aren’t a Beauty Insider Member yet, sign up! It’s completely free, and all you do is earn points when you shop! You get access to promotions and learn about discounts and other rewards as a Beauty Insider Member as well.

In the video, I demonstrate how to use the texture paste, but take a peek at the before and after below. One side (my right, your left) is freshly curled with no product, and the other, larger side has Got Grit worked through it. I loved the definition and hold it gave my hair, without leaving any waxy residue behind!

For the curls, I used a 1.25-inch curling iron by T3. I finished the style with Amika Fluxus hairspray which is a great, flexible hold hairspray! But before all of that, I let my hair dry in the Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Turban. It soaks up so much water from my hair and isn’t too heavy when it’s all wrapped up!

Other than the texture paste, I was very excited to try the IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Toning Drops. I’ve used a few different purple/blue shampoos and conditioners (even a hair mask!) in the past, but I always resorted back to my favorite daily shampoo. I’d use the toning shampoos and conditioners periodically but had my daily go-to’s in the shower at all times.

These toning drops are designed to just be added into your shampoo or conditioner! How genius is that? Now that you don’t need to buy an entirely separate shampoo, you can simply add a few drops to your favorite shampoo and get all the toning benefits.

I go into a bit more detail about the toning drops, and share how to use the texture paste on mid-length hair in the video below!

This post was sponsored by Sephora, all opinions are my own.


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.30.19

Your hair looks great, Kate! Good recommendations! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Kimberly says · 06.30.19

Hi Kate! Definitely want to try these products. The drops will especially come in handy since I only wash my hair a few times a week. What are your favorite shampoos?

Whitney says · 06.30.19

The textured side looks really, really pretty and vibrant….but how does it feel? I read “texture” and imagine hair that feels like it was dipped in glue. Can you still run your fingers through it if you want?

Kate says · 07.01.19

I wouldn’t call it dipped in glue but you can certainly feel that there is a texture added into the hair. It’s not the kind of product you’d want to use if you like to run your fingers through your hair!

Whitney Mitchell says · 07.01.19

Thank you! That’s helpful.

Courtney says · 06.30.19

Since my last salon visit, when I use my blonde shampoo (redken) my lightest strands turn purple or almost gray. How do I avoid this? Will these drops help with that?

Kate says · 07.01.19

No these would not help, they could make it worse! The blonde that is turning grey/purple may be a bit over processed so I would avoid toning them for a bit of time. Tell your stylist about it so she/he knows next time!

Michele says · 06.30.19

I love the defined curls! I’ve been using a texture spray to give my hair grit while my bangs are finding their place in their growing out period. Would you use the paste in place of the texture spray?

Also, would you use any kind of texture product in conjunction with dry shampoo? I’m still new to dry shampoo and am struggling to make it work in days I wear my hair straight. I can only imagine that the texture dry shampoo gives along with extra texture product would be a disaster, but you’d probably know best.

Nancy says · 07.01.19

I love the drops in my styling gel. I can add it to the portion of the gel that I use on my ends, as that’s where my hair is brassy. I’m glad to see they’re gaining some popularity!

Kate says · 07.01.19

oh that’s a good idea!

Tara C says · 07.01.19

I have natually blonde hair and was curious what these purple drops or shampoos would do to it. Do you know?

Kate says · 07.01.19

If you find that your hair shows yellow tones, the purple drops will help correct that!

shohag says · 07.02.19

Thanks for good idea

Julie says · 07.02.19

Hi Kate! It is really great to see the big difference between use and no use of a texture product. Do you have any advise regarding fragrance free texture product? I am allergic to perfume so I have been trying to find one for a long time but sadly no luck.

Greeting from Denmark – I am a long time fan, first time commenter 🙂

Rachel says · 07.02.19

Where’s the before and after photo?

Rebekah says · 07.04.19

The second photo in the post above shows the left side of her hair with no product and the right side with the texture product. The video also shows her hair as she’s applying the product, so you can see the difference realtime. 🙂

Monica Davis says · 07.04.19

Hello Kate! I’m so glad you covered one of my favorite products here! It really saves me from buying another shampoo.

Kim Sandoval says · 07.06.19

I love your recommendations! Is Got Grit just for curls, or can you use it on straight hair?

Brenda says · 07.07.19

Hello Mrs Kate
Live all the products you have shared. By chance is there drops for brunettes? I would love to have the cool brown and cut out that “I love Lucy red” 🤪

Emily says · 07.20.19

I recently pitched the Amika got grit product and I LOVE it!!! My hair is a similar length to yours and I curl it as well this product definitely added volume and texture !

Danielle says · 07.22.19

Would brunettes with blonde highlights be able to use these? Would I just apply it to the areas where I have blonde?

Kate says · 07.22.19

Yep! And it shouldn’t affect the brunette color very much either!

Laura says · 07.31.19

Oh my gosh, I ordered these two items and they are game-changers! I would never have thought to try either one. Thanks so much 😀

You're Not Going to Post This says · 09.28.19

The grit paste broke my skin out so badly – behind my ears, down my neck, on my chin. Every time I stopped using it, the break out went away. Every time I used it again, the break out came back in the same spots. Until I used this product, I had clear, amazing skin. I know you also have break outs pretty regularly – might be an Amika thing for you too. FYI.

Kate says · 09.29.19

Sorry you had a bad reaction–everyone has different reactions to things and it sounds like the Got Grit doesn’t work well for you. Your name + e-mail address is visible FYI.

Annu says · 10.10.19

hey…..awesome review on these hair products you mention them in your post …I also want to try this hair care products

Thanks For sharing with Us

Laurie says · 03.26.20

Thank you so much for this post. I was trying so many hair masks and today I’m using Elin Bianco hair mask and so affraid of changing it something else because my hair so shiny.

Tuesday Wilson says · 09.12.20

Hi Kate,
I searched your blog looking specifically for shampoo recommendations for very thick, VERY FINE, color-treated long hair. That’s what I have 🙂 My hair tends to get heavy and has ZERO body so I have to work hard for it.

Do you still love/recommend the GRIT paste or do you have other suggestions? I’m also going to order the toning drops for whatever shampoo I find. Do you have any shampoo/conditioner recommendations?

Thanks so much!

KAREN MCKINNEY says · 12.29.20

Having a “blonde” problem –

I love the Living Proof Perfect Hair 5 in one Styling Treatment Perfect Hair Day.

Problem : seems to cause my blonde hair to turn a shade or two darker – can you recommend a similar styling product that might not have the “darkening effect”? thanks