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This photo was from last summer, which somehow feels like a million years ago. Emily was born last May so the summer was mostly spent in “newborn survival mode” trying to sleep, eat, and maintain as much normalcy for my kids as possible! I wanted to share a few of our family’s favorite summertime things on today’s post. I often talk about these on Instagram Stories, but I thought a resource list here would be helpful as well!

If you’ve got a baby or child in a stroller, this battery powered (re-chargeable!!) fan from last year was a life saver for Emily. It can actually create quite a good bit of airflow and can be clipped to a stroller for walks on a hot day. I’ve also received messages from other moms who would use it in a car to create a little air-flow towards an otherwise hot car seat.

We are a rash guard wearing family since we are in the pool almost every day of the summer. Not only does it save ME from enduring the sunblock application process on my kids, but the full zipper on these make it so the kids can slide them on themselves. They are so used to wearing them that they don’t really think twice about it.

I have a few cute swimsuits for Emily but to be totally honest, my go-to swim outfit for her is this zip-up rash guard and a swim diaper. Easy for diaper changes and she’s protected from the sun!

I bought this water table for Emily and the boys have taken much more of an interested in it than she has so far! Either way, it was quick to assemble and is great for smaller kids.

I also grabbed this sprinkler mat for Emily to play on and the boys were immediately obsessed (are you sensing a theme here?!). It is definitely slippery so keep your eyes on any older kids that may not be expecting a slip n’ slide result. The point, I think, is for younger babies to sit on a little splash pad so for that it is perfect!

The boys love riding their Y-Glider scooters or Woom Bikes all summer long.

We are always on the go and usually one or both of the boys will forget their drink cup at one point during the day. These collapsible silicone cups would be a perfect option to toss in the car so we have something with us. I usually have water with me at all times, but this extra cup would solve the problem of my kids chugging my entire drink!

If you are heading out on a road trip soon, we love Richard Scarry books for entertaining the boys. There is always so much to see on every page.

P.S. If you are looking for a new summer drink, try this sangria recipe


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.14.19

Gosh, your kids are so lucky! Seems like they’re all prepped for a summer of fun! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Lo says · 06.14.19

I usually think your boys look so different from each other (david looking exactly like Justin and Luke like you) but they look so similar in this picture! hope you all have an amazing summer!


Christina says · 06.14.19

Is that the exact scooter you have for both kids? My son is about to turn 4 and is about 38 pounds. It says it maxes out at 44 pounds but I’m hesitant to get the next size up because he’s never really ridden one before!

Kate says · 06.14.19

It seems like they don’t make the older version of their scooter anymore, but it’s the same brand!

Kate says · 06.14.19

Such a cute post! Thanks for sharing!!


Stacy says · 06.15.19

Great post! Do you have a recommended sunscreen for babies/kids?