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I’ve always been on the more conservative end when it comes to my wardrobe choices. If I find a dress that I love that may be little too thin for my comfort, I’ll just throw on a slip. To me, finding undergarments that work exactly like they should is almost more important than the clothing item itself!

I’ve worn my fair share of shapewear, specifically for my bottom half, and I’m rounding up a few favorites in today’s post. I also have some thoughts on favorite bras and sports bras as well!

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine


When it comes to slips, I have a full dress length slip, as well as a skirt slip. I tend to wear the skirt slip more, especially when I’m wearing a white summer dress. Sometimes when the sun shines right through the back of a white dress it can be like shining x-ray vision!

If I’m wearing a more fitted dress, I’ll choose some sort of shaping shorts. I love these from Spanx because the fabric is silky which prevents other fabrics from sticking to it. So, your jersey or cotton dress just grazes the shapewear like it would your actual skin.

If I’m wearing a white tank that is too see-through for my taste, I’ll throw on this silky tank from Target. No other fabrics stick to it, and it’s easy to tuck into your shorts or pants so you can barely tell it’s there.

Oftentimes in the summer, though, I’ll wear this bra if I’m wearing a sheer white top. It’s like wearing absolutely nothing, in the best way possible. It’s the only bra I wear on travel days and I’m so glad that they make a skinnier strap option now!

When it comes to underwear, my favorites are the hipster by Sloggi.

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Charlotte says · 06.19.19

I had someone tell me recently that wearing a slip was old fashioned! I’ve always worn a slip when necessary. I always will…..

Kate says · 06.19.19

Well then I’m old fashioned too!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.19.19

I always wear slips! I know most people don’t anymore, but they’re a must for me!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Michele says · 06.19.19

What are your thoughts on underwear with shape shorts? I wore a pair to a wedding and found that it was very uncomfortable to wear them without some sort of underwear and relying only on the opening. I have found this to be a kinda controversial topic among friends and I was wondering what your take on it is.

Also, I’m a big fan of the skirt slip. Nobody needs to see what’s going on under my skirt!

Kate says · 06.19.19

I typically wear it but I don’t think it’s always necessary!

Jeanie says · 06.19.19

Kate, this may be my favorite post you’ve ever done! I literally just bought one of everything you listed. THANK YOU!

Kate says · 06.19.19

oh wonderful! I hope you enjoy!!

Emily says · 06.19.19

I bought bra #4 in 2.5 seconds. I am so excited to try it because it actually looks comfortable! lol. Thanks for the recommendation.

Jen says · 06.19.19

I want to get the shorts shapewear #2.
My body shape is very similar to yours. Did you get a M or L size in this spanx?
(So sorry if this is too personal)

Mackenzie says · 06.20.19

Do you ever have issues with your Spanx (Item #7 listed) rolling up??

KC says · 06.20.19

The True & co bra’s are my go to every day now! they hold their shape really well and are so comfortable!

Rachel says · 06.20.19

We’re you able to find the Sloggi underwear in store or only online? How’s the sizing? Planning to order these and the skinnier and regular strap bras ASAP!!!

JenBC says · 06.20.19

I recently found a bra very similar to the one you have for a faction of the cost. I got it to wear when I am home while my teenage son is home and want to be comfortable but modest at the same time. I have been so happy with it I find myself wearing it quite often because it is so comfortable. It is called Simple Treasures and I got it online at Walmart at the recommendation of a podcast I listen to. It is $12.97! I have been so pleased at something I bought just to wear around the house has turned out to be a go to for me. Just a thought is someone may want to try one without a big investment.
Also, a slip is a must under aa white dress… I totally agree!

Heidi K says · 07.20.20

I can’t remember what post you recommended some Spanx undies so I bought them and they did not stay in place. They were so bad! I wore them under a dress and I had to keep adjusting them 🙁

Kate says · 07.22.20

I’m sorry that happened to you!