How to WIN the battle with Humidity

Two EASY Summer Hairstyles

Nothing can kill a hairstyle quite like humidity, you know what I mean? I live in a humid climate so I’m sharing all my tips to survive the heat all summer long!

One. Products MATTER and the right formula + application method is vital to your success. First of all, if you haven’t watched this video I’d encourage you to in order to better understand how the order of product application matters! I’ve had the most success with layering a humidity spray WITHOUT hold under a humidity control hair spray like Kenra Volume 25. My favorite humidity spray at the moment is Amika The Shield humidity spray. I spray it on after I style my hair, right before I finish with Kenra Volume 25.

I also love KMS Hairstay Anti-Humidity Seal. I’ve used it for years! Sometimes it’s a bit hard to find but I found it on Amazon!

My hair is naturally limp + lifeless, so humidity causes it to resort back to its natural state. I know for many others, humidity can cause frizziness, curl, or unwanted texture so a good product to invest in to control problems is a cream that you apply before you blow hair dry. A cream is a thicker product than a serum and while I’m not saying a serum can’t help, I am saying a cream may do a better job at keeping the frizz down.

Two. The way you style your hair + handle it throughout the day matters as well. The less you touch and mess with it, the better! If you curl or straighten it in the morning and need to refresh during the second half of the day, just focus on the top and front layers of your hair. Avoid adding more hairspray or any kind of “finishing” spray. It’ll make your hair feel too stiff.

Three. If everything fails, have a backup plan that you can pull off in seconds. I like to have a clear elastic available for an easy low ponytail if humidity really ruins my hairstyle. That’s the quickest and easiest way to pull your hair back without necessarily looking like your hairstyle is too casual.

Obviously, wearing your hair as close to its natural state when you know you are going to be battling humidity is the safest way to avoid fighting with it all day. So if it’s wavy and frizz prone, try to style your hair wavy with some cream products to control the frizz instead of flat ironing it stick-straight. It’ll be easiest to touch up during the day!

P.S. Here are more great options for hair ties for summer!


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Cheyna says · 06.05.19

What cream do yuh recommend?

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 06.05.19

Ooh, definitely trying out these sprays! I live in one of the most humid places in the world, hope these will help! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Claire says · 06.05.19

i like the idea of layering a humidity spray without hold under a humidity control hair spray! i should check the Kenra spray ! i’ve never tried it before!

Elisabeth Hayes says · 06.05.19

I deal with frizz, so this post is perfect for me! Thanks for sharing your tips 🙂

xo, Elisabeth

Jamie says · 06.05.19

What cream do you recommend? I have horrible weird waves that kick in at the hairline as soon as it’s humid. Help!

Kate says · 06.06.19 Reply
Jill Mankin says · 06.05.19

Thanks for this post! I’ve found the best hair products by following you and great styling tips too! Ugh, the humidity right now in Atlantic Bch, FL is heinous!! Just put the KMS item into my ‘shopping list’ on Amazon. YAY!

Mimi says · 06.05.19

I want to try your Kendra 25 spray!

Christina says · 06.05.19

What is the best cream to protect against frizziness?

Kathy says · 06.05.19

I love all your hair styling ideas! Have tried several and love them! Thx!
I have used Kenra hairsprays in the past and no matter which number (have tried most all) the spray nozzles’ clog😞 Enough that I’ve switched to a different hair spray. Has that been your experience, if so how do you remedy the clog??

Kate says · 06.05.19

Occasionally mine with clog but very rarely! Try running it under hot water to loosen it up!

Amy says · 06.05.19

This is so helpful! I just moved to a high humidity climate (Maryland) and I have a new stylist. I have thick hair and I’ve always had my hair thinned out on the underlayers to prevent flyaways. My new stylist here says that it will make my hair poufy and to just thin the ends. What are your thoughts on thinning and high humidity?

Cara says · 06.05.19

Thank you so much for sharing. After a recent trip to Florida (with crazy humidity), I must invest in these products to tame my hair : )

Annie says · 06.05.19

Great info ! When do you apply the KMS Anti Humidity Seal Spray ?
Thanks for all you do in keeping us informed on great hair products and styling tips ! You are a treasure !

Kate says · 06.05.19

I will definitely have to try out these products! The humidity has been crazy lately. Thanks for sharing!!


Kim says · 06.06.19

Please share the makeup used in your instagram story yesterday. I loved your blush and lip color!

Sally says · 06.06.19

Hey! I have the Amika humidity shield and I thought I read where it’s suggested to use it before heat styling. Do you feel like it works better after styling?

Kate says · 06.06.19

Mmmmm, I just am in the habit of using it after heat styling but I imagine it would work best the sooner you apply it!

Kim says · 06.06.19

Another great post ! I have very coarse, color treated thick – frizz prone hair with lots of body which turns into a puffy mess with humidity!
What creams would you recommend?? I was thinking of ordering Alterna Antiaging smoothing cream – any thoughts on this product ??
Thanks Kate !

sneha says · 06.26.19

My hair was damage beacause of humidity but i dont know which product is good for my hair. Thanks to your blog now i know the best product for my hair. Thank you for the suggestion.

Megan says · 06.29.19

I live in Mississippi and can totally relate to the humidity struggle! Southern girl problems, lol! I love your advice on embracing your natural texture instead of fighting it. I have naturally wavy hair (not defined curls just frizz and a beach wave type bend). I’d love to embrace my natural texture during the summer, but it’s a struggle to figure out what type product will enhance it. Curl creams just weigh it down, gel makes it look greasy. The best thing I’ve found is various mousses, and while they do define the wave pattern better, they leave my hair looking and feeling “crunchy”. My hair doesn’t have enough curl for “curly girl methods”. I love all your wavy hair tutorials but they seem to be geared for creating waves on straight hair. How do you recommend styling naturally wavy hair without it looking “crispy” or frizzy? (Mine is also very thick and coarse/porous if that makes a difference). Thanks so much!