Breakfast in Bed for Mother’s Day

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Some of my favorite memories as a kid revolve around being in the kitchen. Whether it’s decorating Christmas cookies around the holidays or waiting for my Dad to make aebleskiver on Sunday mornings, the kitchen was a common meeting place for myself and my family.
I’ve enjoyed being able to continue that theme in my own family with my kids too, as much as I can with little kids of course! Of the boys, Luke seems to have a greater interest in baking than David, but both are very willing to taste test the delicious cookies and breads that they assist with! 
Getting to witness my children take an interest in things is one of my favorite parts of motherhood. I’ve been a mom for over 5 years and would easily say these were the fastest and most rewarding years of my life. 
I genuinely feel so grateful to spend every day with these three little children that call me mom!
Justin is teaching the boys how to do Mother’s Day right, and that, of course, means breakfast in bed. We both try to give the boys as many “jobs” as possible for their ages and this simple breakfast in bed idea meant they felt like they were fully in charge! 
Not only am I thankful for my kids, but I’m also grateful that they have a hands-on dad that is able to spend so much time with them too.
I hadn’t expected to be a working mom, nor did I think my husband and I both would work from home, but it’s been such a fun journey. I’ve learned that separating my “mom” days and my work days is best so I can be fully present for my kids when I’m with them! 
I’m also glad to be able to show my kids how meaningful it is to be able to do both. It’s exhausting, on both fronts, but so deeply rewarding! 
And my motherhood journey couldn’t be what it is without the support and love of my husband too. And his breakfast making skills! 
It’s hard for me to decline almost any breakfast food, but especially pancakes. Justin grabbed the buttermilk pancake mix and fresh blueberries during his ALDI run, and that was a great discovery. Sometimes the “just add water” mixes can lead to rubbery pancakes, but these were light and fluffy. It’s nice that shopping at ALDI is so efficient but they still have a good variety of items to choose from! 
Justin also picked up some Natures Nectar Juice in the Strawberry Kiwi flavor, fresh fruit, Specially Selected Swirl Brioche Chocolate Chip bread, fresh flowers, and Appleton Farms bacon.
It was all they needed for a classic pancake breakfast in bed.
ALDI has everything you need for, perhaps, a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed surprise, or simply your daily essentials. Their prices are so great, and their quality standards for their food is very high. I’ve come to love a handful of items that can only be found at ALDI, so I find myself making specific trips to the store to get my pantry essentials.
If you haven’t tried ALDI yet, and you have one near you, I think you’ll enjoy shopping there! ALDI makes grocery shopping fast and easy, leaving you more time to spend with the people you love, like having breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day. 


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Shannon says · 05.11.19

These are such beautiful small everyday little things that are really the big things in life to love! I really love your iron headboard by the way… have been going back and forth myself on that kind of a pellet!

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 05.11.19

So sweet! I’ve never prepared breakfast in bed for anyone, but it would be such a great surprise for my Mum to do it this year! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Allison says · 05.12.19

Yeah… For me, that would be dog and cat hair plus my drool. Let’s do a nice breakfast on the deck and skip the bed crumbs.

Also, do you not take your makeup off before bed? How do you manage to wake up with it looking so good? Mine ends up on the pillow lol, hence never eating a meal in bed.

Kate says · 05.12.19

Oh yes I always take my makeup off! These photos were a part of a shoot for this campaign.

Kate says · 05.12.19

Happy Mothers Day! Such a sweet post! Aldi is one of my favorite stores, it is the only place I do my grocery shopping. The prices are just so good lol. Thanks for sharing, hope you are having a great day.


Maria Reyes says · 05.12.19

A blessed Mother’s Day to you Kate! I’ve been following your blog for many years and have passed it on to so many friends. Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep us posted on hair, beauty, home, lifestyle, and just mundane life! In Christ, it all matters! Blessings as you do all you do for His glory.

Christa says · 05.13.19

Hey Kate! I love Aldi, too, and it’s a life saver with two growing kiddos! I’m curious what your pantry staples are from them?

Kate says · 05.13.19

I love the kid snacks for lunches, their pita crackers + their cheddar cheese (more of a fridge essential!), pretzels, and a lot of their seasonings!

Emily says · 05.14.19

Happy belated Mother’s Day! What gorgeous photos too. I absolutely love Aldi, I find they have such delicious food at such a great price.

Emily | Snippets of Emily’s Life xx