One Piece Swimwear

Spring Cleaning in the Closet


As happy as I am about summer coming, that does ultimately mean swimsuit season comes with it! I’m in the midst of losing baby weight and getting to a strong and healthy place with my body (you can read more about that here!), but I’m most comfortable in a one piece suit.

I don’t love to lay in the sun. I’m more of a jump off the diving board and play with my kids kind of pool person, so a one piece that is cute and also functional will get a lot of wear from me!

I had a great experience with a very popular one piece suit from Aerie last summer. It’ll still fit this year and I’m sure it will be my go to! I also have found some great one-pieces at Target!

The only suit that I did in fact try on but ultimately returned was the beautiful lace one from J.Crew. It was cut a little too high for my preference, but was otherwise so adorable. I’m hoping to find a dupe somewhere else!

As far as cover ups go, this is a pretty option! And I love a romper for times you need to make it look more like you are wearing clothes and less like a cover up!

p.s. My favorite self-tanning products, and some great conditioning products for your hair to prevent summertime damage. 


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Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says · 04.11.19

Been meaning to get a one-piece swimsuit for the longest time. Thanks for the links, I’m going to check them out! 🙂

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

Angela says · 04.11.19

That green suit is so cute! Probably time I bought new suit since it’s been 10 years since the last one!

Hilary says · 04.11.19

Thanks for this post! I love bikinis, but I’ll be at the pool with my little one this summer and want something that won’t easily be pulled off!

Claire says · 04.11.19

i love number three! i need to check if it’s available in Canada too! this design suits me the best!

Marta says · 04.11.19

Those are gorgeous. I really want to get a once piece swimsuit this simmer so I’m definitely gonna check those out.

Marta says · 04.11.19

Sorry for the grammar mistakes, I was writing this on my phone and autocorrect did that haha

Shannon Skinner says · 04.11.19

I always struggle to find one pieces that I genuinely like, but these are all so beautiful! Especially love the lace one!

Shannon |

Kelly says · 04.11.19

These are all so cute, but still quite low necklines — would love to see some options that are more modest and mom-friendly (especially with babies/toddlers who might be pulling). 🙂

Jessy says · 04.11.19

I love one pieces too!! ahh so many cute options

xoxo <3

Sydni Jackson says · 04.12.19

These are so cute! Thanks for the recs

Allison says · 04.12.19

I recently bought this swimsuit: and I LOVE it! I have two young kids, and this holds everything in, has cups for nip coverage, and isn’t too low-cut on top or too high-cut on the bottom (plus it comes in long if you are tall or have a long torso). It’s the first time in (many) years I’m excited to wear a swimsuit!

Kate says · 04.13.19

These swimsuits are so cute!!! Thanks for sharing.


Sonia says · 12.07.19

I am very much like you: i don’t lay in the sun either. I have very sensitive skin, so I need to be very careful and use SFP50, but I also use long sleeve swimsuits in the summer. Some companies make really feminine and beautiful ones, and they are a life saver!
Check out this website:

Emily Fang says · 03.31.21

Maybe it’s part of the 90s revival, or maybe it’s inspired by the upcoming film adaptation, but the one-piece style swimwear is back.

Hayley Larue says · 08.20.21

This is definitely one of the best blogs I have ever read, and I totally agree with you.